Monday, June 7, 2010

Neat Little Netbooks

Last year, our school began using Google Apps for education. If I begin working on a document at school, I can continue working on it at home, or anywhere else as long as the Internet is available. There are lots of devices that connect to the web. Even some flash cellphones! At the moment, only some of us have computers to work in this way. The Manaiakalani (Pronounced - Ma-Ni-Ya-Ka-La-Nee) Project is working, so our all the Year 5 to 13 students have an Internet device of their own. Imagine what we will be able to achieve then! You may need to come back and see...


  1. Well said Toreka :) I like the netbook you have chosen here. By a complete coincidence, I am filling in an application to that company this week to see if we can get those netbooks! Great minds think alike I say:) Fingers crossed....

  2. Wow - I love the ideas you have to share and how you can talk about your learning. I am a teacher at Murrays Bay School here in Auckland and we are going to look at your blog and learn how we too can share our ideas and learning with the world!!

    Great job. Keep it up