Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Healthy or Unhealthy?

Hi again, This time I am talking about what we did at extension.Well what we did made me pretty hungry!We had to draw a table in partners that would tell us that if our favourite food was healthy or could make you sick.If you looked at our chart it would of been Burger King that was the most popular meal that people are most common with.We also had to have a chart about our favourite desert!Most people like to eat is an ice-cream sundae and chocolate cake.But mine was completely different to every body's despite my mum.My favourite desert is my dad's homemade sticky rice!But when we looked at the food pyramid the part with the most was the sugar and fat!But 4 people in the room managed to help earn a few telly marks for the healthy side!I think that we should start to eat more healthy food because we have lots of sport going around the school.  Next time I might write another blog about my dad's world's famous chicken curry! Remember to only eat junk food for special occasions and always try to eat healthy food.! We are also learning about witch country restaurants in New Zealand come from. 

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  1. Hi Toreka.

    I think I will make some sticky rice tonight just for you!
    Maybe you can take a photo and post it on your Blog?
    If theres some left you could even take some to school tomorrow for your friends to try.

    That is if you want to share??

    You can help me make it if you want.