Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inorganic Rubbish Day

It leaves good memories
Nauseous feeling when you look at the rubbish
Objects that are suppose to be recycled
Respected and loved once now tossed away
Glittery but now glum
A day of love,the next,a day of loneliness
Needful now unnecessary
It was an idol but now  it is ignored
Carved into care now cast away

Refusing to let the togs get smashed into pieces 
Unnecessary now that the old moldy mattress is vanished
Big huge hungry monster smashing the memories
Beautiful white dinosaurs scrunching everything
It's a huge monster ready for a meal
Swimming pool with a hole could of been stitched together
House's old antiques are all gone now

Destroys the good times in the objects
A man's trash can be another man's treasure 
Yesterday's treasure today's trash

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Google Earth?

"Look Mino there's our restaurant!" I yell.You see we were trying to find our house on 'Google Earth'. What's google earth I hear you say ,it's a really cool programme on the computer where you can type in the place where you would like to go.But the one thing is that you have to be specific.For example if you would like to find a house you would have to type in : 212 Anderson Ave, Point England ,Auckland, New Zealand. Then it does something really awesome . It zooms out on what your doing, rotates the globe if what you typed in is on a different country. Isn't that fantastic!When it rotates after that it zooms in to your country and then in to the city. Don't you think that's cool? Sorry I have to go I promise to finish this !

Me 'N' Mino!

Hi again this is me talking about my best friend,This girl is a nice,sweet,a person with good personalty.This girl is Seini-Mino. She is the same age as me . In two days it is going to be March the fourteenth 2009. But this is no ordinary day this is Seini-Mino's ninth birthday. I might be able to go if I'm allowed to. Her and I have the same favourite colours. Our favourite colours are green, yellow and blue.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mr J's Music Session

Hi it's me with another post about 'Extension'. This time my mum was no where to be found. But have no fear Mr J is here!I mean the one who teaches the music.He was going to teach our extension. First Mr Jacobson told us what to do first and most important kind of. Was we had to open up garage band and put the metronome on to make sure we were in the correct time of the beat.We also had to put the count in on so we could start in the right timing.The first thing we had to do on garage band was to put the musical typing on the screen and put the sound to rock kit. I could already hear some one's computer going"Boom ,Ding Dang,Boom,Boom....."and so on. My first sound was the kick drum.It sounded "Doom....Doom....Doom...."Every four seconds.Next we did some other drum but I don't seem to remember it though.Then we kept on duplicating the same tracks and soon it started to sound pretty cool.I can't believe that I actually started to make a cool sound!Soon I could hear the whole class room starting to rise up with the sound of music.I love going on garage band it is so cool!Well that's all from me today!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Healthy or Unhealthy?

Hi again, This time I am talking about what we did at extension.Well what we did made me pretty hungry!We had to draw a table in partners that would tell us that if our favourite food was healthy or could make you sick.If you looked at our chart it would of been Burger King that was the most popular meal that people are most common with.We also had to have a chart about our favourite desert!Most people like to eat is an ice-cream sundae and chocolate cake.But mine was completely different to every body's despite my mum.My favourite desert is my dad's homemade sticky rice!But when we looked at the food pyramid the part with the most was the sugar and fat!But 4 people in the room managed to help earn a few telly marks for the healthy side!I think that we should start to eat more healthy food because we have lots of sport going around the school.  Next time I might write another blog about my dad's world's famous chicken curry! Remember to only eat junk food for special occasions and always try to eat healthy food.! We are also learning about witch country restaurants in New Zealand come from.