Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News 101 : The Latest Updates Of My Life

It must've been the first time I'd woken up before my parents, that day. Thursday, it was.  I arose from my anxious slumber and went to wash my heavy eyes. Click. The bathroom was illuminated.  The lightbulb seemed extra bright that morning, as if it knew how special the day was.  The 31st of January.

I took my Pt England jacket, and held it up to the light, admiring the curvy red lines over the somber black fabric. I held it against myself, as I gazed at my reflection, tilting my head so I was able to see down the hall. My mother was now awake.  She told me off for  taking too long in the bathroom. I returned to my room, carefully and ever so gently placed my jacket down on my bed. I sighed to myself and settled onto my unmade bed, which was something else I might've got in trouble for.  As I sat, I thought about the processes I might have had to go through during the day.

I was starting at another school. I was leaving Pt England. My beloved home, my beloved teachers, my beloved technology, my beloved friends. But yes, I was starting at a new school. College, as a matter of fact. I would have to change my email template : 'Toreka Tele'a, Room 21, Pt England School.'   I thought deeper about it. 'Toreka Tele'a, 9LC, Auckland Girls Grammar School.' Hmm, not bad.

My thoughts were broken by the distant sound of my father's Toyota van approaching. I quickly buttoned up my shirt, struggled to put my skirt on, then walked out with my hair a bundle of messy joy, and my shoes strapped on a centimeter too tight. My mother took one look at me, then in as if one swift motion, turned my skirt around the right way, rebut-toned my crooked shirt, and crafted my 'joyful' hair into a neat four plait.

I walked outside and took at least twenty photos with my parents. My dad drove me to school and we were introduced to everybody. Well, not everybody, it was only the year nines and year thirteens at school that day, and already it seemed packed. The photo below is of myself and one of my closest friends Selena. As you can see she is also attending AGGS with me. This is our second day at our new school in the carpark of our old school... if that magically made any sense at all. We're now in week five, and according to my email template, I am still Toreka Tele'a, Room 21 of Pt England School.
I didn't want the end of this to look like the beginning of a book, (which actually makes NO sense) but too bad, I could be an author, thanks to my past teachers at school who I think I have no choice but to thank. So, thank you SO much to : Mrs Nua, Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Maude, Miss Garden, Ms Squires, Miss Va'afusuaga, Miss King, Mr Proctor, Mr & Mrs Burt.
Thank you to each and every one of you for playing very important roles in my life at Pt England.
I'm missing you all.
Be sure to see you soon Pt England!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Swimarama, as an Intermediate student

Slowly, I trudged up the dripping steel staircase, aware that this was my last chance to cruise down the black worm according to the rules. Feet first. One at a time. No blocking up the water.  My cousins and I found that last rule a bit hard to deal with, so I guess that's why I'd already been kicked off twice that day.  But my younger cousin Jorja and I assured the lifeguards that it wouldn't happen again, so we were able to continue gliding down the hydro-slide.

Once we reached the top of the treacherous tower, I leaped forward into the slide, shrieking a loud nothing in to the black hole. I laughed my way through all the bruises and pain as I hopped out of the small landing pool. I noticed a huge clan of girls and boys running towards the diving pool. My eyes lit up as I sprinted out pushing through everybody and lining up to have my turn on the Diving Board, although I think we both know I can't dive.

My turn eventually arrived so I crawled up the ladder and stepped on to the blue plank. Once I was signalled by the lifeguard, I sprinted forward and leaped in to the air flipping backwards three times and perfectly streamlined in! Then I switched back to reality, with my long toes hanging over the diving board, with my stomach the only thing back flipping. I finally gather the courage to jump, so I bounce once, twice, then I propel my self forward, then while falling from the sky, shape myself into a ball, hitting the water with a thud.