Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tinkerbell Time

A trail of gold dust led to a full nest of fairies.  But the one that seemed to stand out, is the one that most if not all of us would know...............Tinkerbell!!  She had matching shoes to her glinting green dress.  Her wings shimmered in the light, with all the other fairies following behind like children following teachers.  She glanced at me and winked.  Suddenly, I felt a tingle up my spine, I started to shrink smaller and smaller, down to their tiny size.  I was only a bit taller than some of the fairies.  I waved my arms around to see what I looked like and then realised my feet were off the ground.  I closed my eyes and put my arms out.  They started to tremble with fear.  I flew up side down.  I soared in the air and noticed by my side, my little brother.  Saying '' Reka, what are you doing?''  I felt embarrassed because I was lying on the couch with my arms held out with my cousins staring at me.  I guess it was enough in the air for today!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nervous About Netball

It was the first game for the Pt England J2 netball team. We all felt nervous about the netball game. During the game, we zigged, we zagged, so we zigg zagged over the court. My heart pounded, my muscles ached was I able to continue the game? Just then the buzzer went and I was so relieved. I swapped with Naomi and felt excitement creep up my spine. The second round had begun. What would happen next? I leaped for the ball, I jumped for the ball, I shouted for the ball. In the end, it was all worth while. We had won the very first game. I was so happy, everything had fallen in to place. Hearing we had won made me more confident in my self.

Never stopping

Everything seemed complicated

Trying to reach the ball was a bit difficult

Beautiful when playing

Amazing team mates

Lovley coach (Miss Walters)

Learning a lot of new skills

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Scary Suprise

As I dive in to the tranquil water I notice a fin over my shoulder. My heart races as I paddle faster and faster, the fin approaches me, closer and closer. I shut my eyes and stood still. I could feel the water wrapping it's way around me. I started to mope and opened my eyes. I couldn't believe it. There, standing right in front of me, was an actual swimming.............DOLPHIN!!!!! I swam with the creature until I could not swim any more. I blinked 10 times and then saw my dad in the dolphin's place. I guess I was in now for our game of water tiggy. I wonder what happened to that dreamy dolphin.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Brothers

Hello my readers, today I'll be talking to you about my big and also my baby brother. First of all there's my  brave elder brother, Tanielu.  He is a number one fan of the TIGERS.  He is 11 years old but plays for the Under 12 Mount Wellington rugby league team.   He is also famous on the internet, is published in a fancy magazine and has interviewed the prime minister!! How cool can life get? I am very proud of my big bro'.  He is a true role model to me.  I don't know what I'd do with out him.

And of course there's Justus.  The cute yet annoying little brother, with good looks that almost hypnotise my aunties with his cuteness. The little rascal is still very nice but most times a pain in the neck.   Even when he breaks my toys and makes too much noise he'll always be my little brother.  He is 3 years old and goes to a kindergarten called Te Ahou.  He's like a non-stop tennis-ball machine, spitting out the balls unexpectedly.

Thanks folks for reading my post.
P.S.Please click on Tanielu's name.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Wonderful Website Wordle.

This afternoon, at extension, Mrs Burt explained to us how to use Wordle. Wordle is a website that mixes all the words that you have used for your blog. She showed us that there is many different colours and fonts to use. For me, it felt like it was impossible to choose the best wordle, but in the end I managed. I am very glad that I found out about this website. I hope you will click on the URL and make your own wordle too.