Monday, May 25, 2009

Positive, Minus and Interesting

Today at extension we were reflecting what we liked and disliked through out the whole Rock Our World project. By doing so we made a chart with three sections, Positive, Minus and Interesting. Here's what Selena, Angela and I wrote.

  • Making the Boil Up.
  • Our interview with Carol Anne.
  • Making our mihi on flicker
  • Food in a day project helped us with one of the questions from Carol Anne
  • Singing Ngawka
  • Sleeping at school with the 20 hour famine people
  • Drawing our Matou Mihi
  • Making different tracks on Garageband
  • Singing "Drums Of The Island " to the " Pass The Kai" movie

  • Carol Anne's oven wasn't working so they made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead
  • We had to wake up very early (5:30 to be exact)
  • We had to wait for a long time for our interview with Carol Anne
  • Not having enough time to get prepared

  • Seeing other class' recipes from around the world
  • Watching other class' movies
  • Making our google earth tour
  • Typing our recipes on pages and drawing pictures for them

We had a lot of fun during Rock Our World and I'm pretty sure that wasn't all of the things we got up to!Bye for now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Podcast Ever!

Yipee! Ala and I have finshed our very first podcast! The book we have read about is called Tom Thumb by Gavin Bishop. We had to listen to our podcast over and over again. Well here it is. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Term Of The Dinosaurs

It was Monday morning and everybody was in the hall ready for assembly.But this wasn't any ordinary assembly, it was Term 2's immersion assembly. The main theme was 'Dino-Might'!

"Raaaah!" screamed Mr Burt dressed as Cracker the Cave Man. He walked towards me and banged me on the back with his bombyenocker! " I want to eat my lunch!" he yells " Hipsololphodons make a good burger! I call them dino burgers" he shouted. As if Pt England kids were the prey, he hobbled over to Feki, hit him and dragged him down the asile!He kept on hitting him and shrieked " This isn't enough, I need some more Hipsolophodons."Cracker tip toed over to Tyler and dragged him down the aisle as well. Tyler greeted Feki.

" Okay now we're going to see what Team2 is going to do this term!" Cracker declared.
Mr J pressed the space bar and the movie began. At the end, all the teachers from Team 1 ran up on the stage held up a sign that read : WE ARE NOT EXTINCT (YET). All the teachers thought it was hilarious!

My favourite item was performed by Team 2. They were bobbing and gliding all over the stage with their ' Dino Diva Disco'.

I am looking forward to learning about dinosaurs. Sometimes I even wish I could go back in time to see, with my own eyes, a real live dinosaur.