Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ala's Sleepover

My very first sleep over how exciting! It was so cool that I couldn't stop smiling!
As the night was still young, we had a load of fun!
When we finished painting our nails, we began to tell scary tales.
We started to sing, knowing that the theme was bling.
We roasted marshmallows, white and puffy. We also had candy floss, very fluffy.
We went to Sylvia park, a very good remark.
I had a really good time, Ala was truly kind.

But everyone knows: A birthday's a day so lovely and good, when all special plans turn out as the should. When happiness and delight touches all that you do for a birthday's a day that's made for just you.

Happy Birthday Ala
You can also go on to Ala's blog too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The First Term Of Fairytales

It was the first day of Term 3 as my class and I marched in to the hall for our immersion assembly, waiting to see what the teachers had in store for us. The first day of every term, the teachers would already know the topic and would dress up in anything that would relate to it. And to my surprise I saw teachers in ball gowns, crowns and swords! But what really captured my attention was Mrs Nua, I almost couldn't recognize her! Her bright blue hair was a perfect match to her flowing blue dress. As I began to sit down I set my eyes upon the screen. On it read: The Art In Storytelling.

Just then, Mr Burt entered through the hall and down the aisle holding what looked like a glass slipper. "Has anyone seen my princess?" he exclaimed in a posh voice. He was dressed in fancy pants in a frog kind of green and had polished-like shoes. "I've been searching for her day and night, but I still haven't found her!" he continued. He strolled towards Ms Barks and asked himself if she was his princess. But as soon as Mr Burt saw her pyjama pants he knew that it wasn't her. Ms Barks stood up with a sly smile spread across her face. How strange? She scattered down the aisle and tossed porridge to kids around the hall.

But my favourite item just had to be Team 3's! Ms Garden stepped on the stage as Cinderella wearing an exquisitely beautiful wedding dress with a long flowing train down behind her. Ms Walters followed wearing a little tiara anfd waving her wand. Then, as Ms Lavakula, Ms MacKinlay and Mrs Tuala scurried along the stage, you could obviously tell that they were the ugly sisters. With a crooked pointy nose, huge ears and a large pair of teeth, they all started to fight over the Cinderella's partner. YIKES! Suddenly, Mr Burt zoomed up on to the stage and questioned her. But poor Mr Burt, he still couldn't find his princess.

I am looking forward to this term a lot!  It would have been heaps of fun dressing up in fairytale costumes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Amazing Apatosaurus

This dinosaur is a prehistoric lizard,the Apatosaurus means "Deceptive lizard" it is the best known of all the long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs.It was around about in the late Jurassic,150 million years ago! The Apatosaurus walked on four legs and was a ornithisian (bird-hipped) dinosaur.

The Apatosaurus was a herbivore and ate gastroliths(stones) because it had peg-like teeth to snip off leaves. It ate things like herbs,twigs,leaves and many more. While they were walking the stones were grinding there food.

Apatosaurus was thought to keep it's tail off the ground when walking to keep it's balance. Each foot had short stubby toes on the front feet. The toe's of the back feet ended in claws. Each massive foot-print was up to 1 meter (3 feet) wide. Apatosaurus length was 21 meters and it's weight was 30 ton's.

The Apatosaurus lived in north America with some of it's relatives. The Apatosaurus stayed in a group called the theropod group.

Scientists believe that an astrode had hit earth which caused the dust to block the sun.Then the plant eaters would die because all the plants would die or the meat-eaters will eat them all.But then the Carnivores (meat-eaters) would die because they would die from starvation.

Friday, July 17, 2009

9 Years old! A story to be told!

It was a breezy autumn morning when I opened my eyes. It was dead silent, no one was awake. I dragged my self out of bed. Realising it was my birthday, this made me move faster. I didn’t want to greet my friends in pyjamas! When I finished brushing my teeth, I dashed to the living room to get my clothes. But I wasn’t fast enough, my mum had seen me sprint past her bedroom. She whispered to me to come closer and then she said “ Get changed, and happy birthday 9 year old!”. I got changed and sat there looking at our big pile of washing, thinking how we could get rid of it. After 19 or 20 minutes it got boring so I switched on the TV! Unfortunatley, nothing happened, so I tried again! Still nothing happened! Then I froze and straight away I knew the problem. It was my brother , Tanielu had switched the plug off. He says that he likes to save power. I flicked the switch and the TV felt the power. When it turned on, it blasted my ears!! I thought my family would come charging in to the living room and shout “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”.But no one came . I fell back on to the couch and turned down the volume down and changed the channel to 41 (Nickelodeon). After quite a long time my family were dressed and ready. My dad and I were about to take off to pick up Selena when Angela arrived! “ Hi Angela!” I say excitedly. “ Hi Reka.” Angela whispers as well as giving me an envelope. Inside I was bursting! I just wanted to tear it open, like a terrifying bear on the loose! “ Toreka, Why don’t you bring Angela with you?” aksed my mum. I nodded my head to say yes. Angela and I raced to the van and hopped in. We strolled along the road as my dad saw Seini-Mino’s car roll down our drive. Followed by Seini-Mino’s car came Ala’s. Now all we needed was Sylvia...