Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Whites all the way!

The mattress is ready, we've got a fire burning. Now all we need is the All Whites to win. I know it's shocking that I'm talking about soccer. I'm not much of a soccer fan but the FIFA World Cup has easily grabbed my attention. Four more hours to see the memorable match between Paraguay and New Zealand.

I wonder how the All Whites are feeling. I am confident that they are more nervous than I am before my netball match. Coming out of the tunnel the All Whites will be a great sensation. If I were there I would be dressed all in white, even paint my hair and face white!

1.30am - wish me luck, I'll do my best to be awake.

Go the All Whites!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous graphic Toreka! I can't believe you are staying up on a school night - but I guess that is what the mattress is for. I am sure I will hear you shouting from my place if the All Whites (dressed in Black) win. It will be huge. We may have to think about a soccer team at school ;)
    Catch some sleep while you are waiting.
    Mrs Burt