Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Blurb Of Blue

Hello dear readers! This short movie above, is about a group of soldiers in East Timor. They are called Blue Patrol. My reading group (Moreporks) have been reading an information book all about these soldiers. Did you know, that Blue Patrols soldiers can play soccer and video games, while still guarding? I just found this out after reading this book! There is another team of soldiers that are called "Green Patrol". This the group that guards day and night sitting the dried up bush. They are not allowed any light source or heavy eating. Watch this movie and see how Blue Patrols spend their free time.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you didn't know before!
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  1. Hi Toreka. Are you sure these soldiers get to play soccer and video games while they are meant to be guarding? Or do you mean in their spare time? I enjoyed your animation, the way the soldier moved and your choice of graphics to show letter writing I thought were very clever. Well done my dear. You used a lot of expression in your voiceover, did you mean to sound a little sarcastic in places? Just wondering... xx
    Lots of love - mum