Friday, May 27, 2011

Going Hard Out For The Hungry!

Right now, at this very moment, 22 people are going hard out for the hungry. Specifically East Timor. I am in the blue team with Ido from Shortland Street. We've just finished watching depressing videos on the 40 hour famine website. This year, New Zealand are aiming to $ 3.15 million for the tribes of East Timor. So right now, we are GOING NUTS FOR MEGABUCKS!

The History Of The Pen

Lewis Waterman invented the ballpoint pen and Lazlo Biro invented another
type of pen. Well the ink actually stays inside the pen and you don’t have to dip in the ink pot. There is now different kinds of pens all over the world. Also now you can use different kinds of colours as in ink colours. As you can see pens can run out of ink in a period of 7 to 10 years and it can be replaceable, but that would `just be a big waste of time, so you can just go buy another pen worth one dollar and it will last as I say 7 to 10 years! That is one of the WOW factors of pens. The other WOW factor is that today some people still use quills and ink pots. As years passed the pen improved for instance the style has changed the ink has changed the appearance has changed and also the size. The first people to use a type of pen, were Ancient Indians. They used feathers and bamboo sticks and so on. The pen has improved quite a lot since then. Also the first pen was invented in Seville,Spain.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Eleventh Extravaganza

“Do I really have to?” I groaned. It was the 20th of April and the day I turned eleven had arrived. Also the day I had to wear a bright pink dress my aunty had picked out. “Yes.” she said firmly. There was no way I was wearing this in front of my friends. My reputation would be ruined! Hopefully no one brought any cameras.
“Just kidding!” my aunty laughed. She put down the hideous dress, and pulled out a beautiful pacific patterned dress. “THANK GOODNESS!” I shouted!

My mum barged in and said “ Hurry up. Selena’s already here. Get changed!” Selena, Selena, Selena. She was always there the earliest. “Ok mum.” I said while struggling to put on the dress. “HURRY UP!!” My mum yelled. Well, so much for being kind to the birthday girl! It was the 20th of April. My birthday. I had turned eleven. It had been a looooooong week thinking about today. Finally, the day had come.

“Thank goodness!” I said relieved as I got changed. I heard voices outside my window.Gasp! It was my friend Selena!! She had come early!! “Knock, knock.” she was knocking on the door. “Coming!” I yelled while quickly putting the embarrassing bright pink dress in to hiding. I ran to answer the door to see Selena. “Hi Reka. Happy Birthday.” she said shyly. “Hi Lena!” I practically shouted.

Enthusiastically I jumped outside to help Selena with her bags and went on and on to talk about what we were going to do :”So we’re going to eat first, and then we’re gonna talk about secrets- Oh and don’t worry I didn’t tell anyone-” My blabbering was interrupted by one of Selena’s fake coughs. I looked up and saw Selena’s family standing there giggling then I looked back at Selena and her face was bright red. Quickly I said “ Thank you for letting Selena come! Lena want to come inside?” We both sped in to my bedroom and waved at her family from my window.

“Phew! Nice save Reka.” she said while looking cautiosly at my room as if she’d seen something suspicious! Gasp! What if she had seen my bright pink dress! Oh no! “Umm..” I mumbled trying to think of an explanation. Thankfully, 3 loud beeps came from the long driveway. Yes! Now I didn’t have to make up something.

Selena and I ran out to greet Mubbasshira. Then weirdly 30 seconds later, Ala came. Then Mino. Then, we ate! My dad had made a big pile of sticky ribs and a huge bowl of chicken fried rice. YUM!! And for my dear friend Mubbasshira my dad had bought a Chicken Donner Kebab. After we spent 30 minutes drooling, thinking about the food. It was time to eat. Selena handed me my knife and fork. Politely, I took them and put then down and then dug my teeth in to the glorious sticky ribs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Japanese Counting

Now that it is a brand new term, we have different classes to switch in to after morning tea. Last term, I was in Mrs Tele'as' class last term and now I am in Mrs Nua's group. At the moment, we're getting taught to count in Japanese. These are the numbers I learnt.
1 - Ichi
2- Ni
3 - San
4 -She
5 - Go
6 - Roku
7 - Nana
8 - Hachi
9 - Kyu
10 - Jyu

Konichi watashi no namae wa Toreka.
Translation :
Hi my name is Toreka.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Translating - Geometry that is

At the moment Room 20 are learning what Translation is in Geometry, and how to do it. In the picture here, it shows how you translate a shape 2 down and 2 across. I have used a diamond for my example but I am trying to practice with much more complex shapes. For example, many students in our class are creating their own shapes to challenge them selves. Before we did this activity on Google Drawing, I had absolutely no idea of what Geometry Translation was. Now I know, that translation in geometry is moving a shape with out changing it.
Well, at least I think so!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weird for most but normal for some...

With his mother and wife both being deaf, this motivated Alexander Graham Bell even more to invent the first practical telephone. He achieved his goal in 1876 and was the first to be handed a patent for the electric telephone. Along with Alexander, Elisha Gray had tremendous designs for the device. Since then, there have been huge improvements in telephones, and our phones look nothing like they used to. Most phones now, are much lighter, lighter and transmits speech much faster.

Tornado Tragedy

At 3pm on May the 3rd, a very violent tornado hit the Central Buisness District in Albany. Ripping through the streets leaving a trail of open roads, damaged cars and even hurt citizens of North Shore. It has caused one fatality and quite a few bad injuries. According to New Zealand’s News Website, it has damaged the West field Shopping Mall and the Albany Mega Centre.

Trampolines and cars being carried up in to the sky and then violently dropped in to the hard ground. With this beast reaching 200 kilometers of speed, it is amazing that SO many people have survived this epic tragedy.