Monday, November 26, 2012

The Supercalafridgealasticespeallidocious Spy Fan

As you all will have noticed by now, in our year seven and eight extension crew, we've been having a lot of exciting learning and fun tasks.  In our latest session, approximately twenty of our students waltzed in to twenty four different items laid out across the floor.  We all sat down in our chairs, while being explained the task of replacing and adding items to  the random objects.

And to my surprise... I was given this fluffy fan.  Yes, boring indeed. But fortunately, I used my amazing imagination and came up with : THE SPY FAN.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Super Soaker

In extension we've had a quick activity we're we were to pick a toy and quickly photoshop it in to a picture of you. So here it is, TA DAAAAA!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Famous Mr.Teddy

He was my favourite toy in the world because he was so big and fluffy, and he had what I thought, was the most beautiful blue bow placed on his chubby neck.

I named him Mr. Teddy. Simple, of course. Although I was gifted with it at birth, I only gathered enough intelligence at three.

His black beady eyes would always stare into his empty pink plastic tea cup.  I used to sit for hours pouring invisible tea into our cups, sharing secrets intently as if he were my best friend.

One of my favourite memories of him was when I went over to my grandparent’s house and we (ALL) fell asleep watching CSI. I suddenly woke up after my Didi instructed me to go and get some tissue. I rose from my slumber and warily grabbed Mr. Teddy and switched on the corridor light.  Nothing. My eyes widened in the pitch black and squeezed Mr. Teddy even tighter. I quickly sprinted down to the bathroom, retrieved the tissues and almost tripped because of a loud high pitched squeak. I laughed and picked Mr . Teddy up..

Well actually, I guess he was my best friend at the time. Which I don’t find surprising because my dad said I was a very shy child until I turned nine.

Mr. Teddy made me feel happy all the time. He was always there smiling at me and making me feel better.