Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What am I? No seriously!

Recently we've been learning about careers and occupations. We've had to find out what some of the adults in our family were and wanted to be. So today in extension, we played a little game called 'What am I?', where the whole class got sticky notes slapped on their foreheads. We all had to participate and walk around asking different people what we were. I just found out that I was a Minister of Parliament.

Here's a few things I found out about wanting to be or being a Minister of Parliament.
-You have to be very careful, accidental comments can end up on the front page of the newspaper.
- Everything you say and do if you're in charge counts. You don't want any bad publicity.
-You have to keep studying and working hard so you can become a Member, or Minister of Parliament.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine..

I am currently in the Yr 8 extension. At the moment we're focusing on The Pt England Way. Specifically, Respect. This is very important, as in our school, as we use Respect a lot in our topics and focuses. This year I'm looking forward to doing all sorts of cool things. Especially because it's my last year here at Pt England. Its kind of sad when I think about it, but it's exciting that I get to go out and do heaps of cool things in college. Arts and crafts and things is something I really really enjoy doing. That's why I've drawn a paintbrush and a pencil to represent my love how much art means to me. My culture also means a lot to me. I'm well-known as a Samoan, but I'm also a quarter Croatian. Many people don't know this, but it's true! My grandpa is full Croatian. So that technically makes me Croatian! Then there's food. As much fun eating is, I quite like cooking and making things for my family. I've already mastered the famous Mickey Mouse Pancakes, now I'm working on chocolate mousse. But I doubt that would turn out okay. I quite enjoy working with computers and editing movies and things like that. I like podcasting and posting blogs like the one you're reading right now! Next to the computer, I've drew a set of headphones because I like listening to music. Well not just listening to music, but dancing to it. In fact, me and a couple of friends created a small dance group a year ago. We only just dance around and make up sets to our favourite songs, but it's really fun to do. Now you know a bit about me. I'd love if you'd take the time to click on this link here, which will take you to the Flickr page this is on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


“Aaah!!!” I shrieked running away from the ball. It bounced and gave me a jolly good hard hit in the face. “Urgh.” I said in exhaustion and pain. I hadn’t played netball in AGES!! We were out in the scorching sun on the hard court at school, receiving netball lessons from or Instructor Liz. I don’t think I was the only one in my class in pain though.
It was a good thing that we were getting netball lessons. Well not for the boys, for me of course. I had to remind myself how and when to pass the ball. We learnt how to chest pass, pivot and well, play netball.

I got handed a bib with the letters ‘GK’, which of course is an abbreviation for Goal Keep. Thank goodness I was in that position because I was way to tired to be an attacker. My day just got better and better, as the sun got hotter and hotter. Not so long after, I almost passed out in the heat wave. We were allowed to have a little time to have some life saving water.

After having a shower under the drinking tap, I walked back to my awaiting class, making puddles for every step I took. Now that my socks were soaking wet, my shoes squeaked whenever I tried to jump pass or simply run around.

Netball was a big blast for me and I can’t wait for the season to start

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Charts, Statistics, Favourites, and all those Mathmatic things

With a new year, new classes and new friends , we also have new numeracy topics. My new class (Room 21) have been studying pies. Well not that gooey, hot cheese, beefy kind of pie, but the counting, mathematical, statistics kind of pie. Technically it's actually called a Pie Chart, but a Big Ben pie sounds more appealing to me.

The past days we've been taking surveys about people's favourite things. After recording all the weird and quirky things about everyone, it was time to put all our research in to presentation. Our whole class went to a website called 'Create A' and well, made a graph of course. I chose to make a chart about TV programmes in the form of a pie. As you can see the category "Other" has 13 likings. But technically that is not the most popular because each of the shows are different. So actually the most popular shows are Spongebob and Victorious.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bye Bye Ala!!

During the 2012 holidays, I received some good news, some bad news, and a really bad sunburn. The good news was that the sunburn didn’t last long. Oh, and the fact that me and my friends were going to go swimming. The bad news well, was bad of course. The reason we were going to Swim-A-Rama, was because our lovely friend Ala was leaving Pt England, and attending Sylvia Park school.

Since my family’s very busy, I was left alone with my vicious cat until I heard the tooting of my friend’s flash car. I quickly ran out and hopped in the car. “Hi Ala!” I said quite happily and fastly. “Hey Reka! she said calmly and smoothly. We started chatting about Sylvia Park, Pt England, my sunburn, and heaps of other things. In between our big blob of chatting we stopped to get Sylvia, checked if Selena was home (found out she wasn’t), checked at her aunty’s (found out she was shopping.) and then sped off to Ala’s house.

When Selena arrived, we drove in the blistering sun to the beloved Swim-A-Rama Lagoon Pools. As soon as we got there, I took a run and cannonballed in to the pool. I couldn’t help but give my friends a big toothy grin. As soon as Selena and Sylvia helped me drag Ala in the pool, we started playing Marco Polo. We spent hours jumping and drowning in our laughter.

When we couldn’t laugh any more, I jumped on Sylvia’s shoulders and Ala on Selena’s. I wrestled Ala and only stopped when I realised Selena couldn't breathe underwater. Since Selena had almost drowned, we got out and had a little snack.

Well, not really a little snack. (Well not in Selena’s case anyway.) She finished half the Doritos, so I decided to generously bring out my sour cream and chives crackers. While she dove in to those, Sylvia was telling us a really funny story. We almost peed our togs when she had finished. I think Selena almost choked!!

Anyway, after that Ala’s little sister Maraina came with her mum, and some hot dogs for us to devour. Since we were full because of laughing so hard, I dived back in to the icy cold pool as they day was closing we said our big grand speeches (“Bye Ala”) and packed up our things.

We miss you Ala.