Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Basic AFL (Skills that is)

On a sharp windy morning, Room 20 and Room 9 were taught the basic techniques of AFL by Micheal Gregson and Aemon Simpson. AFL is an abbreviation for Australian Football League. It is also known as Kiwi Kick or Aussie Rules.

Firstly, we had a small warm up activity, where you and your partner were either a tiger or a lion. You spun round hopping on one foot, 10 star jumps, crouching and spinning, but when Micheal blew his whistle, you had to stop everything and quickly grab the ball in between you and your partner’s feet. To my partner Selena’s pleasure, I did not get the ball once!

The first basic skill that we learnt was how to pass the ball. Unlike league and rugby, you do not spin the ball, but you rest it on on your palm and hit the end with your free hand towards your target. If you are using your left hand to hold the ball, you put your left leg out. This way of passing is called handball.

After learning how to pass properly, we were instructed to form a square with four people. Two younger and two older. We then hit the ball round to see how many times we could hit it. (The pass only counted if the other person caught it.) The highest that my team and I could get to, was 32.

Next, (after soaking up the glory) each class created two lines. In between the two lines, we each tested to see how good our passing really was. We threaded the ball in and out between ourselves as we dreaded to win against the year 3 class. Shockingly, we drew.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pamper Day

On Saturday the 6th of August, the Girls Youth Group, Revelations had a day of pampering for the local community. A gold coin was all that was needed for you to have your hair done, your nails painted and you walk out looking beautiful.

I was on the tea job, (better than it sounds!) where I served the customers snacks like lamingtons, cupcakes, cookies, spring rolls and samosas.

We had quite a lot of customers on Saturday and we were very happy with what turned out. Our Rev leaders are Aleisana, Masele and Anaua. Aleisana and Masele were both on hair that day, but our lovely Anaua could not make it to the Pamper Day.

Revelations always has something on so soon, we are having a massive Market Day. I am looking forward to it very much. We are hoping to have much more things and events to come.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Fast Fingers

I have found this really neat website where you test your typing speed. The highest that I got to was 71. It wasn't easy though! Click on the picture and see if you can beat my score!

If it doesn't work, here is the link

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Test of Fitness

“The beep test will start in 5 seconds.” a computerized voice said. It was the beep test. My very first one to be sure. A beep test is one of the many methods that coaches or teachers use to measure the fitness progress of someone. At first I had absolutely no idea what a beep test was. It’s just like shuttles. 20 metre shuttles to be exact.

“BEEP” The speaker buzzed. We all jogged off to a good start. "Hey! This is pretty easy!" I said enthusiastically. Whoops! Spoke to soon! 5 minutes later, half of us were cheering from the sideline! I put one foot after the other once we got past Level 3. At Level 4, 1 I was exhausted. At Level 4 3 my mouth was dry. At Level 5, I was ready to give up! I slowly made my way to the line just before the beep went off. The next beep signaled for us to go. I couldn't continue. I collapsed on to the grass, trying so hard to catch my breath.
Oh well. I was the fifth girl to keep running. Level 4 - 5.
Hmm. Pretty good for my first beep test!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extra Extra! Read all about it

I am very sorry readers, but this post is not going to be a long tragic story of how a cat got stuck in the tree, but it is a VERY short, yet important one. This is the first post coming to you right from my netbook (it self) straight from my lovely G.I home. That's right! I have just got my netbook! Sorry this is so short, but it's way past my bed time!

By Toreka Yr 7
Proud owner of a netbook, (that's right, my OWN netbook)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Flag of France

Now that our new topic for the term is "Keep your eye on the ball.", our intermediate divided all the teams that are participating in the *RWC*, so that our classes each have 4 teams and 4 countries to study. Our class has been given the countries : South Africa, Wales, Japan and Australia. At the moment, Room 20 are finding out all the countries that are involved and drawing their flags in Tux Paint. I have chosen France because, I did not know their flag was Red White and Blue. I know now that : White represents peace and honesty, Red shows hardness, bravery, and strength. Blue represents, vigilance, truth, loyalty, justice and perseverance and justice. Maybe that's why French people are so persistent!

*Rugby World Cup