Wednesday, October 14, 2009

C-C-C-Candy land?

Marshmallows for clouds? Chocolate milk for rivers? Bridges made out of candy canes? Houses made of gingerbread? Where was I? What had happened to me? Had I gone crazy? Did I have an injury?

It was astonishing. I JUST couldn't believe. I couldn't! I saw a little boy running 'round and 'round. As if on cue, he fell down as I approached him. " Do you know what this place is?" I asked in a desperate tone. " Of course silly!" he giggled, " You're in Candy Land! The most beautiful place in the world." " C-C-C-Candy land?" I asked. " Sure" he replied " Don't you see the clouds? The rivers? The bridges? The houses?Everything is edible!" My frown turned upside down. " Everything??" I said slyly.

I munched and crunched on the houses. Luckily, no one lived here. I swallowed big gulps of chewed up candy. I sucked on all the lollipop posts. They were scrumptious! By the time I was full it looked like a hurricane had come upon this strange land. Then, I spotted the most beautiful thing. A magnificent sight indeed. I dribbled over the HUGE chocolate tree. I dashed to the tree but it started to dissolve. Everything started to vanish from my sight. I ran around the whole place looking for the little boy. I passed quite a few of delicious sights. But there was no time for eating. I had to find that kid!

The lollipop I was still sucking on started to taste bland. I blinked ten times. Eeeewwwww! Gross!!!! I Toreka Tele'a, was sucking on my pillow!! I hope I don't have any more strange dreams. Not for my tongue, but for my pillow! My head would be soaking!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

TUA Much!!!

The left hook arrived within a minute through the first round.BIFF! BANG! POW! WALLOP! Oooh-it wasn't a pretty sight. So bad, the referee had to give him some time. "David Tua!!! David Tua!! Go Tua GO!!" my family yelled. It was 2ND of October 2009. Yes, it was 'The Fight Of The Century.' "Phweeeeeeeet" went the whistle. Wooooaaah! That was really fast! He won, he won! He really did, he won! The winner of The Fight Of The Century was...............................................DAVID TUA! Mountain Warrior TUAnated.

I'm Out.
Thank you to the website for this photo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Totara Springs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a cold breezy morning when 40 riversiders of Pt England Primary loaded on to a double decker bus.  It was the day we were leaving for Totara Springs.  Sadly, I waved good bye to my dad. Now I didn’t want anything to ruin this camp, I had been waiting the whole year for it. Luckily, my mum had my aunty Masele, (My mum’s baby sister) come to be a leader for my group.  And what do you know! Both me AND my aunty Masele were on the bus waving good bye to our family. The next ½ hour you could’ve probably heard me complaining either, “Are we there yet?” or “Oh my gosh, this is going so slow!” Eventually, we had arrived at Totara Springs. “That bus ride was really worth while” I whispered in my mind.  Later that day we were able to unpack all of our things.  To me, I just wanted to fall right down and faint!  Soon, we heard the speaker monitor say,”All right campers, please come to the dining room so we can start eating lunch!”  I zoomed past everyone as if I hadn’t eaten in 12 months. BOY WAS I HUNGRY!!  Just the right lunch for this li’l lady. HAMBURGERS!!!!! “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I hummed in my mind.  Cheese slices, buns, tomatoes-Ooh sorry if I made you hungry >:  Anyway, it was all so scrumptious. SO delicious and delicate. So fancy an fine. 

_ SORRY THIS IS SMALL, LOOK OUT FOR PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!