Sunday, March 2, 2014

Glen Innes.

In English we have been reading Karlo Mira's poem : Octopus Auckland. The poem recognises the daily antics of each suburb in Auckland and her feelings towards it. Our job, was to create our own 'tentacle' to what we see in our suburb.

In Glen Innes
The road is littered with awkward sized ‘islands’
Decorated by the green taro leaves
The paint faded people movers run them over
The elderly ladies run out of their state houses yelling at the passer-byers
The T.C students laugh too loud at the sight
On their way to the library
The walk staunchly
Scaring off the other schools
Passing their friends aunty
In her woollen socks and grandson’s nike sandals
She sips from her dollar 'Starz' drink
And hums the familiar Tongan tune
Sang at the church on the corner, that was meant to be a house
We pass it every Sunday
The kids yell out things in Tongan
I see them sometimes when I walk to the train station
At the bakery
The same one my Papa used to buy potato tops from
The same one we go to after school.
My friends ask where my church is.
The one on the corner, I tell them.
The blue one.