Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Term 3 Reflection

Term 3 at Point England School for 2012 has been fun.  Fun, because as a Prefect I got to take part in cool things, as well as organise them.  For example : The Year 1-6 Disco, the intermediate social, the Olympics Day, Loud Shirt Day, and the Year 4 - 6 disco.  With school work, maths has been a bit challenging, but interesting at the same time.  I’ve learnt (or remembered in lots of cases) an immense amount of strategies, and have made a lot more sense of the equations.  Reading has been a lot easier with the StudyLadder activities, as well as the actual Reading Journals we receive. Writing has been really really fun.  Especially my group’s latest tasks : “What If.”  Where we write about the scenarios where we might be superheroes, or a billionaire, or being completely poor.  I actually can’t believe how fast this term has gone past.  But it has been a cool one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Girls

“THUD!” You could literally hear the sound of Koru School’s heads hit the ground.  “Ooooo!” my class shouted.  It was a sunny Friday afternoon when the Pt England Intermediate rugby girls were playing against Koru School. And thanks to one of the Year 7 girls JayLee, Koru’s number 5 was limping off the field, clutching on to her rugby shorts.

Speedily ran JayLee back to her team to get ready for the team’s next run.  “CRUNCH.” Tina had tackled Number 10.  My class went silent for two seconds then started screaming, “YEAH!! WOOHOO!! SHOT TINA!! GO POINT ENGLAND!!!”

Unfortunately, our class had got their towards the end of the game and we had apparently missed out on a lot of things.  Including their 2 tries.  “HOOOOOOT.” the hooter thingy blasted loudly into the sideline’s ears.  We all looked annoyingly at Mr Jacobsen, shooting him dirty looks as he quietly put the hooter back.

We all stopped.  The hooter meant it was full time.  But it was a tie.  So the ref blew the whistle and the overtime started.  It was our ball.  Oshania tapped the ball and ran through Koru with a look of determination slapped across her face.  She quickly offloaded the ball to Stephanie who then ran at an accelerating speed but was then tackled, and dragged by the shirt off the field by Koru.

And as soon as Koru grabbed the ball, they were off.  To the finals that is.  Number 6 grabbed hold of the ball and sprinted down the sideline, then turned to a halt as she dumped the ball on the ground.  Her team all ran towards her in a bundle of hugs, cheering and hi-fives.

We had lost by a try.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

Farewell to our dear Mrs Verry from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Mrs Verry.  She is one of the greatest teacher/child supporter / school volunteer here at Pt England School.  She is very close to most if not all of the students.  Unfortunatley, she is now retiring.  So as a symbol of respect, a few of the many Samoan girls at school gathered together and were taught a siva Samoa by Mrs Tuala.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being a Super Hero

Blazika.  That’s what they call me. I have the ability to shoot fire, and if necessary a spear would shoot out of my sleeve, grasping the criminal’s flesh and yanking the poor victim towards me.  I’m the 12 year old hero.

And when I’m called to the job. My school uniform dissolves into a yellow and black leather bodysuit.  I rise up into the air, while my steel spear is waiting in my right sleeve. My hair would evolve to fire and my eyes would change to a burning orange.

But my disguise has to be held secret, because of my teacher Sandy Lagitupu, also known as Sand Woman. She revealed her power to her us when our class took a trip to the beach.  One of the students screamed for help as he drowned in quicksand so she acted fast and lifted the sand from 20 feet away and the boy was saved.  From then on, our class has been silent around her.  She is the head of SuperHeroes incorporated.  But I refuse to work with their company, as they’ve made too many mistakes murdering innocent citizens.

But she’s not my biggest burden.  Black Ice is my arch enemy, but she goes as Blaze. I don’t know why, since heat is my power. Also known as Selena Smith.  And as a fire hero, I absolutely despised her being in the form of ice.  She would constantly freeze bankers of ASB, stealing millions of dollars, and just recently decided she would put out the Olympic Torch.

Now that was a mission.  “Blazika.  Blazika.  We have a problem” my right leather shoulder would buzz.  “What is it Coalin?” I replied in my bravest voice.  “Black Ice” he replied slowly.  My hair turned to fire, and my eyes lit orange.  “What now?!” I replied irritated.  “She’s planning on taking out the Olympic Torch.  I’ve already informed the Queen’s British agency.”  I stopped in awe of her evil plans.  I knew she was bad.   But I didn’t think she’d have the black heart to put the OLYMPIC TORCH out!!

I promise to continue further stories about Blazika , Black Ice, and Sand Woman.
For Black Ice's perspective of being a super hero click here.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Being a Billionaire

If I were to be a Billionaire,  I actually don’t think I’d be at school right now.  Well, I wouldn’t have to be because I’d be home schooled by my employed teacher Ben Carson, in my 2 story ensuite bedroom.  Which would include, a 50 inch Plasma screen TV, 2 king size beds, a never ending Zombie chew dispenser, a 5 inch statue of SpongeBob made of diamonds, a huge yellow trampoline, 2 elevators, and a diving board which would allow me to cannonball into my 30 acre pool.

And that’s just my bedroom. My house would be 5 stories high. I’d have 5 guest rooms,and 10 rooms for my when my family are visiting, 3 toilets, 3 bathrooms, an Ice Cream Parlour, a filming studio, and blue & green rooms (for filming purposes). I’ll have bought a nice little house for my parents and brothers down the road.  I’ll have a chauffeur, a personal chef and I’d own five of the Burger Kings around Auckland.

And during the summer, I’d ride down to Wendaholme beach.  I’d have bought that as well, but I’d be kind to people and let them enter with only a $20 dollars fee. (Adults 50)  After a vacation in one of Waiwera’s holiday homes, I’d fly to an Art School in France, buy that and a couple of 30 million dollar paintings and become a great legend and create a masterpiece as great as the Mona Lisa, or maybe even Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

Transport.  I’d own a private jet, a yellow Mercedes Benz, and 5 yellow buses.
But that’s if I was a Billionaire.