Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Famous TP Club...

Judy Moody. My new favourite series is about an eleven year old girl named, Judy Moody. She is famous for all her different types of moods, but Judy doesn't approve of this because it's not "Newspaper Worthy" The recent book I have read about Judy is: JUDY MOODY GETS FAMOUS! It's when she tries to get more famous than her nemesis: Jessica Finch. Judy, is in a club for T.P. And no, it doesn't stand for Toilet paper, it stands for Toad Pee. You see, who ever held their mascot Toady, would've felt something warm and wet on their hands. I know. Weird. But I think that Megan McDonald and Peter Reynolds are the perfect combination that created the series of : JUDY MOODY

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