Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Logs

The special place that I have chosen is the logs that used to be near the playground, which have now been taken down.  The reason I have chosen this place, is because this is where I first found some of my friends that I have today. Plus that was the place where we always used to go and sit down. The subject in this photo is my friend Selena, on the place that never had a name.  To us, it was ‘The Logs.’

In this painting, I have tried to portray the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  If you didn’t know, (which is very unlikely), his style of art is called Post - Impressionism. I tried to make my art have a relaxed atmosphere, with colours that don’t clash. I have used ‘Water Soluble Wax Pastels’ in this artwork to try and give a different effect to it.  The reason I have chosen Van Gogh is because I like his art very much. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Good Joke by Charles Frederick Goldie

Charles Frederick Goldie, is a very famous artist. Coming from a background of being born second of eight children, his passion for art was encouraged by his mother Maria Partington. Charles was born on the 20th of October 1870 in Auckland, New Zealand. He was educated at Auckland Grammar, and showed passion in art, and was soon winning prizes. In Extension, we have been focusing on his style of art, and have tried to each recreate one of his paintings. I have chosen ‘A Good Joke’  in which Te Aho te Rangi Wharepu (Chief of Ngati Mahuta Waikato) is the subject of.  From the period of time of trying to replicate the painting,  I realised how intricate and detailed his work is.   His artwork is VERY realistic, every single strand of hair is so life like. After attempting 'A Good Joke,' I am wanting to go and find out what different patterns and signs the moko means or represents.

Narrative Practice

You could never really see her big hazel eyes under those thick brown curls.  People often assumed that she didn’t like revealing her eyes.  As an only child, the only companion she ever had was her little puppy Oreo.  She walked it around town, through alleyways, and wherever else she would go. She had always been very tall, just like her dad.  However 12 year old Mitchie wasn’t as bright, or as bright as she wanted to be.  Like her mother, she was dyslexic and found it very hard without any special help or guidance, let alone an education.  Other than all that, she wasn’t very interactive with people that she wasn’t very familiar with.

“Just stay here” he managed to say. “But I don’t want to!!” Mitchie snapped back.  “Please. Just stay with Oreo, I’ll be back” he assured her.  He kissed her forehead, then ran off into the dark.   Mitchie’s big brown eyes glanced down to her old green worn out Chucks and said to herself, “He’ll be back.  He came back last time.”  She grabbed her dad’s backpack, and stood up, dusting off her denim jeans that were once blue.  She tied up her big brown curls and started to walk towards the house.

“Oreo!” she called.  A tiny little Canine sprinted out of the darkness and towards Mitchie.  She patted his wrinkly golden fur.  Mitchie picked him up and he wriggled his short stubby paws in her arms.  “Good boy.” she said in a baby voice.  She looked around carefully to make sure no one had heard her, but all there was to see was dull street light blinking over a worn out car and a stack of rubbish bags.  She turned back around fishing around her dad’s backpack for the house keys.

Out she pulled two golden keys and jammed the smaller one into the door.  The door slowly creaked open, and little Oreo sprinted in, dodging the ripped cardboard boxes in the corridor.  “Oy!” Mitchie shouted.  Oreo walked slowly back out the door and waited for Mitchie to walk in.  She patted the mutt and walked in the door.  She suddenly stopped at the entrance of the living room and dropped the backpack and covered her mouth with shaking hands.

Oreo ran through her shaking legs but he too stopped at the sight of the living room.  She dropped to the ground and began to cry.  In her tears, she decided there was no other choice but to get her father as fast as she could.  She wiped her tears away, and grabbed the backpack.  She hooked Oreo onto his leash, hopped on her scooter and the two of them began to search for her father.  As a piece of crumpled paper with an address the only guidance they had, Mitchie’s dyslexia was not helping.

Friday, June 8, 2012


A static image is a most times are capturing in life.  There is no movement, There is no action. If it did have any motion, it would be a movie.  So therefore a static image is still. It is a picture, a painting, a sketching, a drawing, a photo, an image.

The picture above, is an example of a static image,  It's subject is a tiny daisy,  In this it doesn't look tiny at all. Infact, it looks quite large! It is a close up. The photographer has used a clever effect, where the background is been blurred out so the subject is much clearer and it's more focused on.  I think this is a very nice photo, because of the subject chosen and the clever use of effects.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Japanese Tech

It was a cold rainy Thursday when 30 of us Pt Englanders walked into the Sylvia Fausset Library led by Mr Ishibashi, a Japanese teacher.  We were at tech.  ‘We’ is the Year 8’s of Pt England School.  Every Thursday we walk down to Tamaki College for Technology.  On Tuesdays it’s the Year 7’s turn go down.

That Thursday, was the first rotation we had for the year. Our previous activity was Food Tech, with Mrs Heka.  Now we’re in Japanese, with Mr Ishibashi.  Around 30 people are in each group, there are 3 groups : Hard Materials (Wood,) Food, & Japanese. We rotate through the three groups through four terms.  I admit I was a bit happy to be in Japanese because we’d studied a little bit on it last year.

We walked into the library and saw shelves cubiholes,even boxes jammed with books, encyclopedias, and even MORE books. Mr Ishibashi led us around a line of shelves to where there were 6 tables and a whiteboard.  He instructed us to choose a seat, and sit down.  I sat with my friend Selena and Mr Ishibashi started talking.

He told us what his name was, and how to pronounce it. He told us interesting facts about Japan, and how exciting it was. He even said he was an extra in Tom Cruise’s movie : The Last Samuriai.  From the language of Japan, to the sport of Sumo-Wrestling.

To be continued...