Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curse Of The Baby-Sitter...

Knock Knock. There it was again. That annoying sound. Knock Knock. I decided it was time to face him. My brother. My little brother.Knock Knock. Okay, it was time. I unlocked my bedroom door and stomped towards my little brother's room. Strange. He was asleep. And it couldn't have been my elder brother knocking because he was at a friend's for the night. It was dead silent. And it was dark. Very dark. The only place it wasn't either of those things, was in the living room.Brr. It was cold. But how could it be when it was in the middle of Summer? I was scared. I started to whisper to myself to create my own company. Shivers slithered up my spine. Who was here?

I tiptoed towards the living room, silent as a mouse. I peered over the sofa.I only saw mum and dad all dressed up fancy looking like they were going--- Uh oh. It couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. Not tonight. Any night but tonight. Mum and dad were going somewhere. Without me or Justus. This was no robbery, this meant Aunt Jen was here.
"Oh there you are sweetie!" mum said in a high voice. She turned around, holding a pizza box. That confirmed it. They were out for the night, without me or Justus. "Yawn!" my little brother walked slowly in to the living room stretching his arms out saying,"Mum? Where are you and daddy going?" Mum and dad looked at each other for a brief second."Ummm.......Well we're, we're.... going to school! Why? Do you want come with us?" Mum and dad smiled slyly. Here we go again. The same old excuse. But it only worked on Justus. He absolutely HATED school. " So where is she?" I said as I folded my arms. "Where is who?" Dad said trying to act as if he didn't know who she was. "You know who." I said firmly. "Oh, okay..... Aunt Jen is just outback getting a few things for your special surprise." Mum said slyly .Hmmm. What did "special surprise" mean?

I raced in to my room, bounced on to my bed and continued reading my book called : The Candy Crime:A Lost Licorice. I locked my door and lay in bed. I did NOT want to see Aunt Jen. I'd rather eat a ton of broccoli. "Toreka sweetie!" the evil voice sang,"It's dinner time!" Oh no. My stomach started doing flip flops. Aunt Jen is not the best of cooks, trust me. "Are you hungry sweetie?" she chirped, "I know you wanted my special broccoli pudding,(Yuck) but Mummy insisted on pizza!" "Gasp! Pizza!" I said in my mind sitting up. That's right! I ran to the dining table full of excitement. To my surprise, the pizza was half gone! (Aunt Jen and Justus weren't big fans of pizza-I guess they were hungry) I quickly sat down and got my self all the cheesy bits, (The pizza was called Double Cheese Extreme) When I finished, I did NOT say thank you. After all, Mum was the one who bought it, NOT Aunt Jen.

"Okay," said Aunt Jen rubbing her hands together,"Who wants to see the special surprise?" Only Justus jumped up and down. I couldn't care less. She pulled a colourful bag and whispered,"Take a peek." I didn't care what she had said, I just wanted to see the so called ," Special Surprise". I closed my eyes and reluctantly, ever so cautiously, reached in. To my surprise, I did NOT feel her pet mice, NOT her yuck broccoli pudding, NOT her boring brick collection, but it was something I actually liked. It was "The Candy Crime 2:Curse Of The Candy Cane" I smiled full of happiness. Where's Justus wasn't happy at all. He had gotten a yo-yo.(He's used to flash gizmos and gadgets ) And he was NOT happy about it. I poked my tongue out at Justus and skipped happily to my room. I stopped and turned around. There was Aunt Jen, staring at me. Oh boy. Here we go again. When would this nightmare end? "Thank you Aunt Jen" I muttered quietly as possible, making sure she couldn't hear me. Shockingly she replied,"You're welcome."

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