Sunday, March 24, 2013

9EAD Assignment : Landing on Jabberwocky

In my 9EAD class, we are studying the planet fo 'Jabberwocky.' Our class has been split up into groups according to which team we applied for. On board the S.S Explorer, there are five different teams which are the navigation team, the wild-life exploration team, the medical team, security and defence, and the  extra-terrestrial group, which I am in. In my team I am the 'indigenous ethics advisor.' There are about 5 or 6 students in each team. During class sessions, our room is sometimes transformed into the ship and our desks are swapped for panels or surgery tables and other things each team needs.  We have just landed and our assignment is to draw what we saw while exploring the planet of Jabberwocky. Here are my 6 snapshots.

Establishing shot of planet Jabberwocky
Close up shot of Jabberwocky plant : Frumzple.
Medium shot of extra-terrestrial.
Extreme close up shot of Extra Terrestrial body part.
High shot of S.S Explorer landing zone.

Low angle of S.S Explorer.