Monday, August 31, 2009

The Stepsister and The Prince

This is a little snippet of my voice over with Seini-Mino.  This is a made up ending of when the Prince asks Cinderella to marry him.  Please enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Terrific Teachers

Hello my fellow readers, to day I'll be talking to you about our magnificent teachers here at Pt England Primary. Our teachers aren't ordinary, they take their work really serious. For example, 5 of our teachers teach and also are coaches for our school sports team. 1 of our teachers are brand new, and still, she's terrific!

Every single netball game, my teacher always comes to support the netball girls. The other teachers in school also come to cheer us on.

Thank you to all of the teachers at Pt England. You are all a big part of our school and community.
Thanks again!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Ultimate Race

Jittery and jumpy, I lined up with all the other competitors. Shivers slithered down my spine. I hopped up and down full of nervous excitement. Quickly I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. “You can do this,” I whispered in my mind.

All of a sudden the clappers sounded and there were flailing arms and legs everywhere. Everyone was jostling for position, wanting to win first place. “Bajeebas, they’re fast!” I whispered to myself. I felt like my legs had turned into jelly, so wobbly.
“Come on Reka! You can do it!” said a voice in my mind. “Doesn’t matter where you come just be proud of yourself.” I had no idea who that was but it sure encouraged me.

As I passed a corner, and then another my muscles ached and mud was squelching under my feet. “You’re really close, don’t give up now,” I murmured to myself. As I gasped for breath I kept asking myself, “Am I able to continue?” My arms felt tired out, my eyes felt like they were burning.

Before long I spotted the finish line and powered ahead wanting to complete the race. I panted and wheezed as I crossed the finish line. It felt like I couldn’t breathe or feel my legs. Coming 6th didn’t matter to me. My task for this year’s cross country was to be able to complete the race no matter where I came - to be proud of the fact that I had finished it with perseverance.

By Toreka

Since Fluffy Got Sent Away

This poem is about my imaginary cat, Fluffy.  It is about how sad I was when he got sent away.  Enjoy!

The glitter on my shirt has faded
Feels like getting hit with trays
It's like my heart has been traded
Since Fluffy got sent away

Chocolate buttons now taste so spicy
Yellow looks like gruesome grey
My little brother seems so feisty
Since Fluffy got sent away

To think that our friendship would never end.
I insisted for her to stay
It's all because of the things I lend
Fluffy got sent away
My heart feels crumpled
Full of dismay
My confidence has tumbled
Since Fluffy got sent away

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By Toreka

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rapunzel's Revenge Part 1

This is my version of 'Rapunzel's Revenge'.  It is already a story but I decided to rewrite it. Enjoy!!

It all began after the two love birds got married and decided to go on a honeymoon.  The prince suggested that they go to Hawaii, but Rapunzel disagreed.  She longed to get revenge on the wicked witch. 

 The witch had been in the WILD WEST with people whispering all the time about her.  She cackles no nicer than having a cactus needle poking you.  Just hearing her voice makes people feel like a poisonous snake is slithering down their backs.  But everyone knows that you should never, ever, in the history of never, make eye contact with the old witch.

The prince plastered a smile on his face, not wanting the beautiful girl get over temper.  Rapunzel knew all along that the prince was a fraud, no stronger than a blade of grass. 

The following morning, the prince woke up to find that a pair of boots was sitting where Rapunzel had been sleeping.  With annoyance he dragged himself out of bed and sat on the comfy couch.  

The lazy prince fell a sleep in the blink of an eye, only to be pulled off the couch by a cow girl maniac!!  "Howdy Yo!" the maniac shouted.  The prince was angrier than a rampage of rhinos," What's the big idea?! " he shrieked at the top of his lungs.  The prince then noticed Rapunzel, her eyes seemed to be lit with fire......... TO BE CONTINUED

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Interview

This morning, we had a video conference with one of New Zealand's geologists.  Well actually, a world famous geologist!  His name is Hamish Campbell.  He has a gift of explaining words that kids my age don't understand. 

While preparing for this event, we made seismometers.  In my group was Seini-Mino and Mubasshira.  A seismometer is a machine that records how big the energy was that was sent from the epicenter.

The last time we had an interview with him, we were talking about dinosaurs. Hamish told us that Joan Wiffen, the famous paleontologist had passed away.  She was truly an inspiration.  He even got to go to her funeral to represent Te-Papa. How cool!

 Back to our discussions about the earthquake.  He told us that it was amazing because the Australian plate went underneath the Pacific plate.  When he showed us with his own hands it looked as if the plate had dived!  

He told us all about an earthquake in 1976 which happened to be in Tangshan China.  He explained to us that earthquakes are so quick that 242, 000 people died when the earthquake was only 15 seconds! I was amazed because, in Fiordland the earthquake lasted 30 seconds and no one died!
Thank you Diana-Grace and Hamish Campbell for the interview!  We really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Red

On the first day of Term 3, our class got in to groups and made animations. In my group there was Jarna, Jordan and Cruz. Our group made an animation about Little Red Riding Hood. If you would like to go on to Jarna's blog just click on her name!! You can also go on to Jordan and Cruz's blog too! I hope you liked our animation!

Dream Of The Sea

As I dive in with my legs streamlined and straight, I try to avoid sharp coral at state.
I feel the coldness rush through me, the frightful feeling of a creature behind me. 
I pass a school of fish all yellow and bright,  so glad I'm swimming at day not night.  
My heart skipped a beat as I saw a huge shadow, much, much bigger than a fake afro.  
Suddenly a large group of fish all stopped at a screech, my guess was that they were headed for the beach.
I followed the fish as fast as I could go, like on a secret mission, and staying down low.
I heard a familiar voice whisper in my ear, Toreka you want me to do your hair?
It turned out it was all a dream, of fish coloured in a light sort of cream.
I wondered if I would ever visit again, the world that looked like it was made out of rain....

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