Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mt Tarawera is a New Zealand mountain. It is a very popular landmark in New Zealand. The Yr 5 & 6 extension team have been learning about this and have created a project as one of our challenges to go towards our marks in Academic at the end of the year in Prize Giving. Here is my thoughts on the words :Positive, Minus, and Interesting.

-We found out lots of Aotearoa (NZ) history throught this project.
-We built up our camera and acting skills.
-Lots of people co-operated well together.
-Not that many people in my group listened to me (only the girls did).
-I didn't get that much help from team mates.
-My script wasn't planned out.
-No one knew much about Mt Tarawera so it was quite interesting.
-There are lots of Maori myths and legends.
-We all were focused and interested in this project.

(I drew the picture above)

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