Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Journey To New Zealand

Kia Ora everyone! This is my short animation about Captain Cook arriving at new Zealand. My voice over was from my recount from Captain Cook's point of view. I had a lot of fun making this animation, I also learnt more about Maori history while I wrote my story. I hope to publish my whole story soon.



  1. Oh Toreka - I love this animation! The detail is so realistic. You selected very good sound effects to give us a taste of what Aotearoa was like back in the days of Captain Cook. Your recount from Cook's point of view could be very close to what he actually thought too! Keep up the great work Toreka. Your very happy mum!

  2. Another fabulous creation Toreka, I always love the thought and detail you put in to your work. I'm looking forward reading the rest of your recount from Captain Cook's viewpoint.
    Happy writing!
    Mrs Nua