Friday, May 25, 2012

Daniella Hulme & Pablo Piccasso

In Room 21 we have again been assigned to compare the differences between  two paintings, the ‘Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘Lazy Day in Paradise’ by Daniella Hulme.  Picasso is very famous for his style ‘Cubism,’ and Daniella is famous for her ‘Modern Kiwi Flavour’ type style.

Most of Pablo Picasso’s paintings are judged as random and crazy pieces of art.  The first time I saw his work I thought they were so weird, but now that we’ve been going deeper into the study of his art, I understand much more.  I’ve learnt that when he’s around halfway through his piece of art, he would change the perspective of the subject.  His art is quite interesting.

Daniella Hulme is a Dutch woman who is married to a Samoan man.  In most if not all of her paintings, her subject is based in the Pacific Islands.  She uses vibrant and bright colours in lots of her paintings.  I’ve noticed in the painting that her subject isn’t realistic.  I think that’s just her style though.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Contrasting Art

In Room 21, we have all been assigned to complete a piece of writing, comparing the differences between the paintings 'La Musique' by Henri Matisse, and 'Sunflowers' by Vincent Van Gogh. Matisse's work is always very vibrant, and lively.  He likes using lots of detail and patterns. His style is called 'Le Fauves', which in English translates to 'Wild Beast.'  Van Gogh's life was very depressing, so depressing he cut his earlobe off!  His style of art has been named as "Post - impressionism' which obviously makes him a ‘Post impressionist.'

In Van Goghs painting 'Sunflowers', his painting only involves a few colours from a certain part of the colour wheel. For example, his painting of his bedroom.  He used light colours and a gave it a heavy textured look.  Vincent Van Gogh is adored by many.  The sad thing is he wasn’t known until he had passed, and for the time he was alive, he only sold one painting.  And all that he gained from that, was 1 thousand dollars! But his sister-in-law went around trying to sell his paintings.  And now what do you know, his paintings are worth more than 10 million!!!

What I have noticed about the painting ‘Sunflowers’, is that he uses lots of short and textured brushstrokes.  Somehow, he managed to use happy colours, to make the painting look a bit gloomy. Apparently he was trying to impress another artist.  As I mentioned before, he only used on part of the colour wheel.  His art is very mysterious.

Henri Matisse however, loved using bold and vibrant colours in his art.  There is a huge difference between the two paintings.  Obviously because they’re two different artists.  But then there’s the fact that there painting technique is different.  As Vincent Van Gogh uses short and textured brush strokes, and Matisse’s painting technique is very simple.  But he used lots of detail and patterns.

I think Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse are two VERY extraordinary artists, and their art will always be cherished