Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Key To ROW 12

Hello fellow bloggers! This information below, is my thoughts about Rock Our World 12. R.O.W. is a global project where the extension group gets to participate in making music tracks and video conferencing with peopl efrom around the world. We are now up to round 12. The theme is WOW, which stands for Walk Our World! Please read my writing below and leave a comment about my reflections.Thank you!


What did I do well?

I helped film the shoe advertisement that represented our school on Family Night (Day)

I turned up on the actual day of the video conference

How can I improve in what I did?

I could've helped some other people if they got stuck on anything.

Brick Wall

What held you back from doing better?

Someone in my group was playing around and not paying any attention.

No one was listening.

They let me do most of the work

List Down Some Solutions

-I could've ignored them or dealed with them myself

-I could've asked them which job they wanted to do

-I could've talked to my teacher about it


What is the purpose behind us doing ROW?

-We get to make many unexpected connections from people around the world

-We all participate in making a music track and send them around the world and other people add their own tracks of instruments

-We all learn about many inspirational things

-D'Wayne Edwards had some very interesting and useful things:

1. Believe in yourself

2. Find a mentor

3.Work hard


  1. Hi Toreka,
    I really like how you reflected Toreka. I also like your solutions, I think I could have done those solutions myself because my brick wall problems were similar to yours. Whoops forgot to mention I am in extension as well. I hope all is good Toreka.
    From Seini-Mino

  2. Malo Toreka! A good thorough reflection on our latest round of ROW. I'm glad you thought of some solutions to your 'brick walls'. I think this is one very useful key from the 'Thinkers Keys' we used in extension. I agree with you in that we learnt a lot from WOW - ROW12. I enjoyed reading your post and then Seini-Mino's comment. It was reflective also. Concise and clear writing Toreka, good comment too Seini-Mino! Keep up the good work Toreka.
    Mrs Tele'a