Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thank you Duffy Books in Homes!!

Earlier on this morning I received a package with my name and school address.  The package was small, square, and soft.  I carefully ripped it open, trying so hard not to wreck it.  As I slipped my hand in and felt the soft bubble wrap, I smiled and pulled the object out and found a book. I turned the package to have another look and saw it was from Duffy Books in Homes.

This wasn't just any book. This was BEN CARSON'S GIFTED HANDS!  I was so overwhelmed!! I saw a small letter, read as fast as I could and grabbed the bubble-wrapped book and and saw that Ben Carson himself had signed: 'Best Wishes, Ben Carson'.  I shrieked with excitement.  The reason I had received this book, was because earlier on this year I entered a writing competition about reading, and why and how it would help me in the future with want I want to do.  It turns out I was one of the five winners of the competition!!!  And now I have the honour of reading his journey to greatness.  Thank you SO SO SO MUCH DUFFY BOOKS IN HOMES!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Toreka!

    I am very proud to see your fascinating work and how you earned one of the world's most best books!! I wish I was like you! It's cool to hear that you have competed in the writing competition and became one of the 5 winner. God has blessed you with a talent!
    Keep Go(ing) For Gold
    God Bless!!!

  2. Malo Toreka - well done! I would love to read the letter that you wrote!
    I really enjoyed your writing and the way you have used your words to 'show not tell'.
    Keep up the fabulous writing and reading - please can I borrow your book to read it after you?
    Mrs Nua x

  3. Well done Toreka!

    How exciting! I remember thinking that your letter that you emailed to the Duffy foundation and to Dr Ben Carson was fantastic. I am really glad that you were one of the five lucky people to win an autographed copy of the book 'Gifted Hands'. Well done you!