Monday, July 30, 2012

The Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was just absolutely AMAZING and I was so proud to scream "GO NEW ZEALAND!!!! THAT'S MY TEAM!!" as soon as Nick Willis waltzed in waving the flag big and proud.  Our New Zealand Olympic Team looked so professional if I do say so myself, as they walked in to the stadium.  With around 205 countries parading around the stadium, it was PACKED!  But the stadium was just SO HUGE, they were bound to fit.  It turns out that only 60 of the 85 athletes from NZ walked around representing us.  This just made me want to become a professional athlete for any sport at all!  Just to be part of that NZ Athlete Team, would be simply..AMAZING!!!!  Even to watch!  I don't really care which one comes first!

1 comment:

  1. You are right Toreka it would be incredible to be part of the Olympic Team. Which sport do you think you would choose to compete in if you decided to start training?
    It sounds like a missed a spectacular display!!
    I think there might be a more than 85 athletes in our team - let me know what you find out!
    Looking forward to reading more of your updates.
    Mrs Nua