Monday, August 20, 2012

Animators Apprentice

As most of you might already know our school enters the I AM MAKING MOVIES competition the Auckland Museum runs.  This year they have arranged three animators from the studios of ‘BroTown’ to visit all the participating schools, and teach them the art of ‘Animation'. The three kind artists that taught us were ‘Maka, Nils and Ali.’  Ali was the one who started off the 3 hour session. We were first taught a brief lesson on the history of animation.  We played a little game of ‘Guess Who’ where you had to guess the silhouette of the character or cartoon.  We also learnt about Bertie The Dinosaur, the very first moving animation.  And also about Walt Disney, and when the Warner Brothers tied in to the timeline of animating.


  1. Hi Toreka
    cool to see you learned (and remembered!) so much. I promise that in the next workshop will be even better.
    By the way Bertie is actually called Gertie and is now nearly 100 years old! Check out the whole clip (the fist animated film!!)


  2. Hi Toreka,
    I hope you enjoyed the zoetrope exercises and that you got to put your zoetrope together.
    Have fun and keep animating!



  3. Wow lucky you Toreka! What a cool opportunity to learn about animation from a team from 'Bro Town'. Sounds like you had a great time.