Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Update : Men's Rowing Pairs

Eric Murray and Hamish Bond have JUST won gold for New Zealand in Men's Rowing Pairs.  My family is SOOOOOOO happy, and I'm sure the rest of Aotearoa is too!  WOOHOO!! Another gold medal for the kiwis!! For a second there it looked like they weren't even trying! And yet they were a good 20 metres in front of the next boat.  Although France managed to hold them at second for the 1st 500 metres, New Zealand smashed back and it was all over.  With France in second and Great Britain in third.  This gives us 2 Golds, and 1 Bronze. All I really do care about though, is we won. And I've never been more proud to be a kiwi.


  1. I really like that people on Twitter are calling us 'Aotearower' - hasn't it been a really exciting night?

  2. Kio ora, Malo Toreka

    My name is Zion from Tawa intermediate and im in Miss Tito's class and im samoan and i have been watching the Olympics to im very happy that we got 3 golds we just need to bet China.