Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Update : Men's Archery - Individual Elimination

The arena is silent.  There is tension in the air, followed by the sound of an arrow whizzing towards the target...THUD! The arrow hits the bullseye gaining the archer the maximum ten points.  The crowd goes wild, applauding in appreciation of the great skill on display.  This is Men's Archery.  These are the individual elimination rounds, the knock out phase.  It's great for spectators to watch, but can you imagine the pressure on the archers?  The fate of their country's hope in their hands.  Well the bow in this case.  I've just witnessed 2 matches, both of them SO SO close.  The smallest movement while aiming, could cost you a medal.  The concentration in this sport is sooooo important.  The emotions on the face of the archer, you can almost see how much they want to win.  Right now I'm watching a match between Ukraine's Ruban  and France's Prevost.  The score is 26 - 25 to Ukraine.  We're now on to a different match between China's Dai X  and Australia's Taylor Worth.  At the moment Taylor Worth is leading at a score of 19 to 18.


  1. Wow! I love that you are live blogging. You'd make a great sports journalist - this is so well written!

  2. Hi Toreka.
    I realy enjoyed your writing. You are a really talented writer. I am from Wellington and I attend Tawa Intermeidate school, My teacher is Miss Tito:)

  3. Hey Toreka,

    You are such a great writer.
    I love the way you use show not tell.
    I haven't been watching the archery, but I want too.

    -Shannon O'Carroll

    PS I go to Tawa int and Ms. Tito is my teacher :D