Monday, September 10, 2012

Being a Billionaire

If I were to be a Billionaire,  I actually don’t think I’d be at school right now.  Well, I wouldn’t have to be because I’d be home schooled by my employed teacher Ben Carson, in my 2 story ensuite bedroom.  Which would include, a 50 inch Plasma screen TV, 2 king size beds, a never ending Zombie chew dispenser, a 5 inch statue of SpongeBob made of diamonds, a huge yellow trampoline, 2 elevators, and a diving board which would allow me to cannonball into my 30 acre pool.

And that’s just my bedroom. My house would be 5 stories high. I’d have 5 guest rooms,and 10 rooms for my when my family are visiting, 3 toilets, 3 bathrooms, an Ice Cream Parlour, a filming studio, and blue & green rooms (for filming purposes). I’ll have bought a nice little house for my parents and brothers down the road.  I’ll have a chauffeur, a personal chef and I’d own five of the Burger Kings around Auckland.

And during the summer, I’d ride down to Wendaholme beach.  I’d have bought that as well, but I’d be kind to people and let them enter with only a $20 dollars fee. (Adults 50)  After a vacation in one of Waiwera’s holiday homes, I’d fly to an Art School in France, buy that and a couple of 30 million dollar paintings and become a great legend and create a masterpiece as great as the Mona Lisa, or maybe even Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

Transport.  I’d own a private jet, a yellow Mercedes Benz, and 5 yellow buses.
But that’s if I was a Billionaire.

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