Monday, August 1, 2011

Flag of France

Now that our new topic for the term is "Keep your eye on the ball.", our intermediate divided all the teams that are participating in the *RWC*, so that our classes each have 4 teams and 4 countries to study. Our class has been given the countries : South Africa, Wales, Japan and Australia. At the moment, Room 20 are finding out all the countries that are involved and drawing their flags in Tux Paint. I have chosen France because, I did not know their flag was Red White and Blue. I know now that : White represents peace and honesty, Red shows hardness, bravery, and strength. Blue represents, vigilance, truth, loyalty, justice and perseverance and justice. Maybe that's why French people are so persistent!

*Rugby World Cup

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  1. Nice job Toreka. I like the way you explained for your audience exactly what we are doing. Isn't it interesting to find out the significance of each colour represented on the flag. Do you know what vigilance means.
    What other interesting things did you find out about France?
    Mrs Nua