Monday, August 8, 2011

The Test of Fitness

“The beep test will start in 5 seconds.” a computerized voice said. It was the beep test. My very first one to be sure. A beep test is one of the many methods that coaches or teachers use to measure the fitness progress of someone. At first I had absolutely no idea what a beep test was. It’s just like shuttles. 20 metre shuttles to be exact.

“BEEP” The speaker buzzed. We all jogged off to a good start. "Hey! This is pretty easy!" I said enthusiastically. Whoops! Spoke to soon! 5 minutes later, half of us were cheering from the sideline! I put one foot after the other once we got past Level 3. At Level 4, 1 I was exhausted. At Level 4 3 my mouth was dry. At Level 5, I was ready to give up! I slowly made my way to the line just before the beep went off. The next beep signaled for us to go. I couldn't continue. I collapsed on to the grass, trying so hard to catch my breath.
Oh well. I was the fifth girl to keep running. Level 4 - 5.
Hmm. Pretty good for my first beep test!


  1. I like the way you have described how your level of exhaustion kept increasing. Do you know how fit a Netball player is supposed to be? Maybe you can find out and then set your own goal accordingly.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Toreka I really like your story about fitness I sounds like you had lots of fun.