Monday, July 18, 2011

PES in the paper!

Today, at 2.30 pm (to be exact) , I had the priviledge of being interviewed by the Award Winning Journalist, Simon Collins. He was reporting for an article in the NZ Herald, about engaging students in the classroom via e-learning. I enjoyed answering questions about what I love doing : Blogging. From the interview, I have inferred that the NZ Herald is a very fast working company. Because as Simon and the photographer Dean were leaving. He said to me, " You'll see the finished product tomorrow." And from that, I thought that he meant I'd get sent the pictures and the draft story! No wonder journalists seem to be busy beavers, they have very little time to work. It turns out, they had 12 hours to complete the article, edit photos and publish the paper. So here I am, typing away, wondering what tomorrow's NewsPaper will look like.
It was a pleasure meeting you, Simon and Dean.

Sorry Dean! I didn't catch your last name! I promise to come back and edit once I find out!


  1. Hey clever girl, I haven't seen the article yet. Well done I'm sure you made us proud once again. Just like them you are a slick worker too, it's great being able to keep up via your blog. I hope you're having a great holiday. Have you seen any of the Rugby - maybe you can write up one of the games?

    It's a privilege reading your writing (note the spelling) keep up the informative posts.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Congratulations Toreka. That was another interesting experience that has come your way because of your entertaining and informative blog. People are always amazed at the variety of things you post about. I agree with Mrs Nua, a post about the rugby from a sisterly perspective would be very interesting. I was sorry not too get there, but we decided that sinking my crutches in the mud probably wasn't a great idea :)

    Notice the visitor from Dumbea with the French flag in your Feedjit? That's me!

    Mrs Burt
    Novelle Caledonie