Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extra Extra! Read all about it

I am very sorry readers, but this post is not going to be a long tragic story of how a cat got stuck in the tree, but it is a VERY short, yet important one. This is the first post coming to you right from my netbook (it self) straight from my lovely G.I home. That's right! I have just got my netbook! Sorry this is so short, but it's way past my bed time!

By Toreka Yr 7
Proud owner of a netbook, (that's right, my OWN netbook)


  1. Congratulations Toreka! You are the FIRST, yes the very first Pt Englander to post from home with your netbook. I have been watching out all evening to see who would find a way to go online and post from our netbook students. I hope you have gone to bed early enough to fully charge your netbook before school tomorrow :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. Malo Toreka! Exciting times indeed. How neat are you with your very own netbook to post on from home?! Yes she has it charging...even though she tried to tell me it had another four hours of battery left. Never mind on the charger, that's what Mrs Burt and Mrs Nua said to do! Thank you Mr and Mrs Burt and all the teachers who have worked very hard to make this happen. You are very special people!
    Mother of a proud owner of a netbook : )