Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inorganic Rubbish Day

It leaves good memories
Nauseous feeling when you look at the rubbish
Objects that are suppose to be recycled
Respected and loved once now tossed away
Glittery but now glum
A day of love,the next,a day of loneliness
Needful now unnecessary
It was an idol but now  it is ignored
Carved into care now cast away

Refusing to let the togs get smashed into pieces 
Unnecessary now that the old moldy mattress is vanished
Big huge hungry monster smashing the memories
Beautiful white dinosaurs scrunching everything
It's a huge monster ready for a meal
Swimming pool with a hole could of been stitched together
House's old antiques are all gone now

Destroys the good times in the objects
A man's trash can be another man's treasure 
Yesterday's treasure today's trash


  1. Hey Toreka

    That was a cool story because you added all that detail in your apostrek poem about the Inoganic Rubbish Day and because you are a very good apostrek poem writer.I think you should write another apostrek poem and can you teach us how to write an apostrek poem please!!! Toreka.

    that was a great poem because you wrote a very good detailed poem.
    great job Toreka
    your sincerely Jarna and Tule

  2. Hi Toreka,

    Thank you for showing me how to comment on your blog. Wish you all the best with your studying. I will help my students at Glenbrae to type comment on the blogs too.


  3. Thanks Viena.
    I promise that I will go on to your school's blog and post a comment.