Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mr J's Music Session

Hi it's me with another post about 'Extension'. This time my mum was no where to be found. But have no fear Mr J is here!I mean the one who teaches the music.He was going to teach our extension. First Mr Jacobson told us what to do first and most important kind of. Was we had to open up garage band and put the metronome on to make sure we were in the correct time of the beat.We also had to put the count in on so we could start in the right timing.The first thing we had to do on garage band was to put the musical typing on the screen and put the sound to rock kit. I could already hear some one's computer going"Boom ,Ding Dang,Boom,Boom....."and so on. My first sound was the kick drum.It sounded "Doom....Doom....Doom...."Every four seconds.Next we did some other drum but I don't seem to remember it though.Then we kept on duplicating the same tracks and soon it started to sound pretty cool.I can't believe that I actually started to make a cool sound!Soon I could hear the whole class room starting to rise up with the sound of music.I love going on garage band it is so cool!Well that's all from me today!

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  1. What an excellent description of your lesson Toreka. I felt like I was part of it and I could imagine just what was happening. It sounds like so much fun with "the whole room starting to rise up to the sound of music". I do like the way you said that.
    Keep writing like this and before long you will be a famous blogger too.
    Mrs Burt