Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me 'N' Mino!

Hi again this is me talking about my best friend,This girl is a nice,sweet,a person with good personalty.This girl is Seini-Mino. She is the same age as me . In two days it is going to be March the fourteenth 2009. But this is no ordinary day this is Seini-Mino's ninth birthday. I might be able to go if I'm allowed to. Her and I have the same favourite colours. Our favourite colours are green, yellow and blue.


  1. Hey Toreka

    you know what my favourite colours are Green,Yellow and Blue.
    any way that was a great story.

    well done Toreka

    your sincerely Jarna

  2. Hey Toreka

    thanks for talking about me and I think some of those things might true??? but anyways that was a cool story.

    good job Toreka

    From Your Best Friend Mino and Tule

  3. Hey Toreka

    your best friend mast be rsally nice.that was a cool stoy.

    from Jane