Thursday, April 2, 2009

How It All Fits Together

This blog is about why I used the food pyramid and what we have to do for our extension class. First of all right now we are bringing in recipes that include potatoes,bananas & rice.I have brought in a recipe for every type of food except for rice.But I plan to ask my dad if he can write down how to make his family famous sticky rice, it's delicious!

Now back to the food pyramid.The reason why we had to read the food pyramid is so when we bring in our recipe we can see if it falls inside the fatty area where there is sugar or if it falls in the healthy area where there are lots of vitamins and fruit.Most of our favourite food falls inside the fatty area.

We  also made a garage band track using only drums.Not all of us succeeded in that but when we heard my mum say "Times up!" we had to take of our comfy earphones and go around all of the computers and see which one was the best.Moses had the best track because when you listen to the year five's track you would hear that we used beats.It sounded pretty cool though.

Rock Our World is really cool.I especially loved it because we got to draw lots!I wish I was an artist.We traced over our photo and drew the 4 other things that were important to us.I had alot to choose from.

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  1. Hi Toreka,
    Sounds like you have learning been about lots of interesting things in Extension. I also love your post about your Dad. I bet you made your Dad's day when he read the special things you wrote about him. He's so lucky and so are you.
    Keep up the good work. Oh perhaps you could make a link to your flickr mihi on your blog as well.
    Ms Squires