Monday, February 9, 2009

Waiwera Holiday

In the holidays my family and I went to Waiwera. That's where we usually go for our holiday. We left at 10 o'clock in the morning. By the time we got there I was half asleep, so when we got to the hotel I threw my self on my hotel bed! I was exhausted! But I had to help unpack the gear from the van though. I was going very slowly just like a snail strolling along the path but when my dad said that we were going to the Waiwera pools I zoomed like a race car! Wow! So I put on my togs and put my clothes on top. My mum took a while to get changed, so we turned on the telly!
Meanwhile at our real home my aunt Sele was looking after our house. I was wondering what she was up to. After quite a long time my mum and dad had their sunscreen and togs on. The cool thing about the hotel is that it's just across the road and we don't have to find a parking space! So we walked there.
When my mum and dad were paying for us to go inside the pools I was sneaking up on my little brother like a lion hunting an antelope. When I said 'boo' he fell down like coconuts from a tree and he started laughing. But I knew that he was frightened. Finally they had paid.We had reached my destination, well our destination. Before I knew it my little brother said "boo!!!" But I wasn't scared though. Okay maybe a little.
We were so excited to be at Waiwera pools. Some people were swimming just like fish! There were also slides like The Twister,The Speed Slide,The Black Hole,The Gut Buster, Squeeze,Bob's mistake,Short 'N' Sharp and of course The Kids Chute. I took off my t-shirt and there were my togs. Unfortunatley my parents told us to fold up our clothes and then we could hop inside the pool. I jumped like a frog into the water. The water was so warm.
After some time passed my brother Tanielu and I wanted to go on the slides. I've only been on Bob's Mistake Short 'N' Sharp and the kid's chute. So we went on Bob's mistake 1 million times! Okay maybe not 1 million times it's just that we felt like we went on it 1 million times. When my dad came we went on the Gut Buster, Squeeze, The Speed Slide and the twister. The twister isn't that scary to me, in fact none of the slides were scary to me. Turns out we all had a good time. Thanks to for the pictures!
The end


  1. Hi there Toreka, wow what a wonderful recount of your holiday at Waiwera. Antelope, falling coconuts...I love it!

    You have been very excited about having your very own blog. It's wonderful that your teacher has helped get you on your way.

    I have no doubt that you will be posting more insteresting stories for us to read.

    I know you will make very good use of this space.

    Malo lava Toreka.

  2. I have been to the Waiwera thermal pools. I quite enjoy the warmer pools where people just laze about and relax.

    I am not keen on the slides. Do you have a favourite slide?


  3. Hi Toreka.

    Our holiday seems such a long time ago now doesn't it?

    Not to worry, God willing we will be able to enjoy a lot more family holidays in the future.

    After a fun and refreshing holiday like that you should be really looking forward to working hard at school this year?

    Be good to your friends and listen to your teacher!


  4. hi Toreka nice story about Waiwera holiday hey was hotel big man I love big building's there so much fun.

    From Alshadai

  5. Hi Toreka,
    Doesn't it look much nicer with some photos to go along with your story. It was great you managed to add the link to aknowledge where you got your photos from. Well done.

  6. Hey Toreka

    I hope you had a wonderful hoilday at waiwera hotels that waiwera hotels is your family hoilday
    place is it.Well I like your story very much.

    From Your Buddy Mino

  7. Hi Toreka
    Wow I wish I went to Waiwera but it is to far me.
    I like the part when you said that you went as slow as a snail that was a good simile
    well thats it for now see you around.

    from Angela & Selena at room15

  8. Hey Toreka

    What a great story.
    I loved it where you said those powerful verbs.
    What was your Favourite part of going to Waiwera pools?
    I will see your blog later when you have commented back to me.

    Thanks Mubasshira

  9. Hay aunty Leuanah
    jst buzzn to say hi!!!
    Luv your blog!!!
    tlkn bowt waiwera wants me to cum bk doe.
    anyways Aunty nona wil b cumn soon.
    you'l receive a leda frm me den.
    c u l8r