Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being a Super Hero

Blazika.  That’s what they call me. I have the ability to shoot fire, and if necessary a spear would shoot out of my sleeve, grasping the criminal’s flesh and yanking the poor victim towards me.  I’m the 12 year old hero.

And when I’m called to the job. My school uniform dissolves into a yellow and black leather bodysuit.  I rise up into the air, while my steel spear is waiting in my right sleeve. My hair would evolve to fire and my eyes would change to a burning orange.

But my disguise has to be held secret, because of my teacher Sandy Lagitupu, also known as Sand Woman. She revealed her power to her us when our class took a trip to the beach.  One of the students screamed for help as he drowned in quicksand so she acted fast and lifted the sand from 20 feet away and the boy was saved.  From then on, our class has been silent around her.  She is the head of SuperHeroes incorporated.  But I refuse to work with their company, as they’ve made too many mistakes murdering innocent citizens.

But she’s not my biggest burden.  Black Ice is my arch enemy, but she goes as Blaze. I don’t know why, since heat is my power. Also known as Selena Smith.  And as a fire hero, I absolutely despised her being in the form of ice.  She would constantly freeze bankers of ASB, stealing millions of dollars, and just recently decided she would put out the Olympic Torch.

Now that was a mission.  “Blazika.  Blazika.  We have a problem” my right leather shoulder would buzz.  “What is it Coalin?” I replied in my bravest voice.  “Black Ice” he replied slowly.  My hair turned to fire, and my eyes lit orange.  “What now?!” I replied irritated.  “She’s planning on taking out the Olympic Torch.  I’ve already informed the Queen’s British agency.”  I stopped in awe of her evil plans.  I knew she was bad.   But I didn’t think she’d have the black heart to put the OLYMPIC TORCH out!!

I promise to continue further stories about Blazika , Black Ice, and Sand Woman.
For Black Ice's perspective of being a super hero click here.

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  1. Whoa Toreka this is very well thought out, heaps of history behind your characters, it is very engaging too.
    If I can give you some tips on designing your character(if you haven't already designed it that is)look at your favourite super heros as a starting point then add your own flavour to them.
    When I read your work I think of 'Storm' from Xmen and 'Human Torch' of Fantastic Four.

    All the best and look forward to seeing your characters come to life.