Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Girls

“THUD!” You could literally hear the sound of Koru School’s heads hit the ground.  “Ooooo!” my class shouted.  It was a sunny Friday afternoon when the Pt England Intermediate rugby girls were playing against Koru School. And thanks to one of the Year 7 girls JayLee, Koru’s number 5 was limping off the field, clutching on to her rugby shorts.

Speedily ran JayLee back to her team to get ready for the team’s next run.  “CRUNCH.” Tina had tackled Number 10.  My class went silent for two seconds then started screaming, “YEAH!! WOOHOO!! SHOT TINA!! GO POINT ENGLAND!!!”

Unfortunately, our class had got their towards the end of the game and we had apparently missed out on a lot of things.  Including their 2 tries.  “HOOOOOOT.” the hooter thingy blasted loudly into the sideline’s ears.  We all looked annoyingly at Mr Jacobsen, shooting him dirty looks as he quietly put the hooter back.

We all stopped.  The hooter meant it was full time.  But it was a tie.  So the ref blew the whistle and the overtime started.  It was our ball.  Oshania tapped the ball and ran through Koru with a look of determination slapped across her face.  She quickly offloaded the ball to Stephanie who then ran at an accelerating speed but was then tackled, and dragged by the shirt off the field by Koru.

And as soon as Koru grabbed the ball, they were off.  To the finals that is.  Number 6 grabbed hold of the ball and sprinted down the sideline, then turned to a halt as she dumped the ball on the ground.  Her team all ran towards her in a bundle of hugs, cheering and hi-fives.

We had lost by a try.

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