Friday, June 1, 2012

Japanese Tech

It was a cold rainy Thursday when 30 of us Pt Englanders walked into the Sylvia Fausset Library led by Mr Ishibashi, a Japanese teacher.  We were at tech.  ‘We’ is the Year 8’s of Pt England School.  Every Thursday we walk down to Tamaki College for Technology.  On Tuesdays it’s the Year 7’s turn go down.

That Thursday, was the first rotation we had for the year. Our previous activity was Food Tech, with Mrs Heka.  Now we’re in Japanese, with Mr Ishibashi.  Around 30 people are in each group, there are 3 groups : Hard Materials (Wood,) Food, & Japanese. We rotate through the three groups through four terms.  I admit I was a bit happy to be in Japanese because we’d studied a little bit on it last year.

We walked into the library and saw shelves cubiholes,even boxes jammed with books, encyclopedias, and even MORE books. Mr Ishibashi led us around a line of shelves to where there were 6 tables and a whiteboard.  He instructed us to choose a seat, and sit down.  I sat with my friend Selena and Mr Ishibashi started talking.

He told us what his name was, and how to pronounce it. He told us interesting facts about Japan, and how exciting it was. He even said he was an extra in Tom Cruise’s movie : The Last Samuriai.  From the language of Japan, to the sport of Sumo-Wrestling.

To be continued...

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