Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Good Joke by Charles Frederick Goldie

Charles Frederick Goldie, is a very famous artist. Coming from a background of being born second of eight children, his passion for art was encouraged by his mother Maria Partington. Charles was born on the 20th of October 1870 in Auckland, New Zealand. He was educated at Auckland Grammar, and showed passion in art, and was soon winning prizes. In Extension, we have been focusing on his style of art, and have tried to each recreate one of his paintings. I have chosen ‘A Good Joke’  in which Te Aho te Rangi Wharepu (Chief of Ngati Mahuta Waikato) is the subject of.  From the period of time of trying to replicate the painting,  I realised how intricate and detailed his work is.   His artwork is VERY realistic, every single strand of hair is so life like. After attempting 'A Good Joke,' I am wanting to go and find out what different patterns and signs the moko means or represents.


  1. Beautiful artwork Toreka! I can’t wait to visit the art gallery tonight to see it for myself and to see all the other pieces of work from all the talented Pt England kids.

  2. Beautiful banner at your site as well, I am reminded of some wall paintings by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, such as
    this one http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/
    . You browse more murals of his at wahooart.com.