Thursday, May 6, 2010

                                                   INSIDE OUR EARTH 
Our Active Earth is made up of four, thick and thin layers. The inner core, outer core, mantle and the crust. The tectonic plates below the surface, are also known as the fractures in the earth's crust.

When the plates begin to slide, crash, collide, or smash together, it is the magma trying to receive more space. This is because the red ooze, is a gooey liquid, bursting up , forcing a volcanic eruption.

                                           LOOK OUT BELOW! OR ABOVE...
Lava can be two things. Either, very runny or stiff and thick. Different volcanoes produce different types of lava material. Some don't even create lava! But instead, shoot out pieces of rock. The smaller ones are well-known as volcanic ash. The larger ones are known as volcanic bombs. Volcano dust , from the eruptions, can spread from one country to another. Dust particles, which are carried in to the sky can form beautiful sunsets all over the world.

                                                     MINI ISLANDS
As an underwater volcano erupts, it throws out lava, which cools down and hardens. A cone shaped mountain forms around the eruption. The volcano grows larger, each time it erupts.

Not all volcanoes around the world are the same type. There are three different kinds. First of all dormant. A volcano that hasn't erupted for many years, but yet, only asleep. There is an underwater volcano in the Mediterranean sea, that keeps erupting every 20 minutes! This is an active volcano. Then there's extinct. Just like dinosaurs, they are never to be heard of again.

                                                        TSUNAMI ALERT!!
In a tsunami, it causes a change in the seabed . The velocity of waves, slows down, as it approaches shore. Waves become gigantic as it slows and grows, in the series of waves. Remember, there can be up to 
twelve waves in a tsunamiThese are extremely dangerous. After the devastation of a tsunami, fear, strikes in to the eyes of the survivors, thinking about there beloved ones. Trapped, in cold, dark, damp places. A tsunami can throw cars, people and housing, as if they are toys.

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