Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink and White In The Mix Of Nature...

Kia Ora everyone! This post is to inform you about The Pink And White Terraces. Lately in extension, we have been learning about Mt Tarawera. Which is famous for the Pink and White Terraces. The terraces, are very beautiful. Well, in this case, WAS very beautiful. Let me explain, the terraces were created by one of the eruptions. But after the SECOND eruption, The Pink and White Terraces, were covered by mud and ash. This is a very sad thing. They are very lovely. During one of the extension sessions, we shared that if they were still here today, we would've gone on a trip to see them. I would like to thank Hamish Campbell for inspiring Point England School.I have also done some research of my own, about Mt Tarawera, and The Pink and White Terraces. My writing below is about what happened DURING the eruption. This is what I found out:

-When steam started to pour out of the vents, lightning appeared.
-It is said that if you go in to the terraces' hot springs, with a sore back, you will come out cured, and relaxed.
- The Maori people charged 10 pounds for someone to be able to come to Mt Tarawera.
-NO ONE was allowed on the Pink and White terraces without a guide.

P.S.Thanks to the website that gave me the wonderful pictures of The Pink and White Terraces.


  1. I'm impressed by your research. Thank you for sharing this information. I think I would want to be going on that trip too if The Pink and White Terraces were still around.
    You write about what they looked like, how they disappeared, your inspiration, and then some extra information you found out about what they were like to visit. But.... all these topics are in 1 giant paragraph!!!
    Remember you have a responsibility to your readers to make your writing organised and clear.
    Miss Garden

  2. Hi Toreka,

    I really enjoyed reading all this research, that you have did. Even I have done a lot of research on the Pink and White Terraces. I wish they were still around. If they were, I would have gone thousands of times, with my family and friends. I am really going to be looking forward to all the things, that we are going to do in the Extension class that associate with this topic. If you would want to come and have a look on y blog then feel free. Here is the link: or just click on my name above.

    Your Sincerely,