Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, happy!!! Because, I, Toreka, made it in to the Year Six PES Netball team! YAAAAAAY!! This year, our netball team is called the DIAMONDS. I know. Fancy. But anyway, on Thursday night, last week, we had our first game. Against the Mt Eden Mystics. I know! Fancy. Again. But we won! The total was 9 to 3. It was a hard match. In the first half, I played 'G.A.' which stands for Goal Attack. That meant I got to shoot! Unfortunately, I got no goals in. In the second round I got shifted to the position " Wing Attack" It is quite tiring. Trust me. The last thing I wanted to do that night was to click some bones! Boy was it a tough game.


  1. Well done Toreka!

    It is definitely a top achievement to make it into Pt England School sports teams these days considering all sporting prowess at Pt England.
    Gone are the days when it was a struggle to make up the numbers in the school sports teams. Now you have to trial? Competition can be a good thing in that it makes you try that much harder to make the team. For those who make it - joy and elation and reward for all the hard work! For those who miss out, well thats motivation to try harder for next time! Once upon a time long long ago, a young aspiring basketballer missed out on making his school team. The next year he worked even harder and made the team! Many years later he became the greatest basketball player ever!! His name was Michael Jordan. You can read a bit more about him on Crusdaers blog. Michael Jordan was certainly a champion who never gave up. Maybe there are some future great netball players in your team? Good luck for the season!

  2. And by the way... hopefully your netball career will last a bit longer than your rugby career...? :)

  3. Go the Diamonds! I'm very happy for you Toreka. What you'll experience through being in a sports team is something very special. I'm so glad you have this opportunity. I'm looking forward to watching you play this season. It'll be good to see how much you will improve week by week - you and your team.
    Love you

  4. Oh forgot to say, I like your graphic. I love the background photo of your actual netball courts and your graphic of yourself. xx Mum

  5. Hi Toreka!
    I really like the way you said "click some bones!" My name is Willow. Will you be my new pen pal?

  6. Hi Willow!
    I would absolutely LOVE to be your pen pal! Thank you for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it. Do you have a blog that I can visit? I am going to start writing you a letter tonight! I hope you will receive it soon. You are my first pen pal. Have you done this before? I am looking forward to receiving your letters and sending letters of my own to you. Thanks again!

    P.S. You don't have to leave your reply/answer on here, you can send me it in your letter!