Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Top Information...

Though all birds are good at flying, the Pukeko is quite the clumsy pilot, when taking off. But once in the air, they're okay. Did you know, that when they're on land, they can run up to 200ks! These native birds are simply amazing. If you think about it, this creature,is kind of like an athletic bird. Pukekos, are born with very large feet, so they can swim through the fast flowing water.

This post is yet to be continued.....

Thank you to this website for this lovely photo.


  1. With what you've posted so far about the Pukeko - I agree with you - they are amazing! I hope you get to finish this post off. I also hope you will have the chance to post about the fab weekend you just had. Keep the good writing going me dear girl. Love you

  2. Toreka, your Pukeko blog was cool! by Troy