Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tinkerbell Time

A trail of gold dust led to a full nest of fairies.  But the one that seemed to stand out, is the one that most if not all of us would know...............Tinkerbell!!  She had matching shoes to her glinting green dress.  Her wings shimmered in the light, with all the other fairies following behind like children following teachers.  She glanced at me and winked.  Suddenly, I felt a tingle up my spine, I started to shrink smaller and smaller, down to their tiny size.  I was only a bit taller than some of the fairies.  I waved my arms around to see what I looked like and then realised my feet were off the ground.  I closed my eyes and put my arms out.  They started to tremble with fear.  I flew up side down.  I soared in the air and noticed by my side, my little brother.  Saying '' Reka, what are you doing?''  I felt embarrassed because I was lying on the couch with my arms held out with my cousins staring at me.  I guess it was enough in the air for today!!


  1. Toreka,
    I love this piece of writing!!! I was totally drawn into the fairy world and so was so taken by surprise by your little twist at the end. Great job!!! You are such a talnted writer.
    Ms Squires

  2. Go Toreka! What a fantastic piece of writing. I agree with Ms Squires, you are a talented writer. You'll have to sit down with me and give me some tips! Your audience are going to love this!
    I love how you described Tinkerbell. Keep it going Toreka!

  3. Wow Toreka I was hooked from the very first line - awesome writing! What a great imagination. I love the way you describe your journey in to the Fairyworld. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your Blog!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Mrs Nua

  4. Everything about this piece of writing is excellent Toreka. I love the way you have chosen to slant this story and I shared your shame at the end when you woke up with your arms flailing. If that had happened to me my brothers would have teased me forever.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hey Toreka

    WOW!!!That was so amazing and I had enjoyed it and Thank you for that comment on my cross county post i think you writed a great comment.

    Keep up the great work

    P.S Reina

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