Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nervous About Netball

It was the first game for the Pt England J2 netball team. We all felt nervous about the netball game. During the game, we zigged, we zagged, so we zigg zagged over the court. My heart pounded, my muscles ached was I able to continue the game? Just then the buzzer went and I was so relieved. I swapped with Naomi and felt excitement creep up my spine. The second round had begun. What would happen next? I leaped for the ball, I jumped for the ball, I shouted for the ball. In the end, it was all worth while. We had won the very first game. I was so happy, everything had fallen in to place. Hearing we had won made me more confident in my self.

Never stopping

Everything seemed complicated

Trying to reach the ball was a bit difficult

Beautiful when playing

Amazing team mates

Lovley coach (Miss Walters)

Learning a lot of new skills

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  1. Hi Toreka. Your post here clearly tells me of the nervousness you felt when starting out this year in the netball team. My dear - you have made such good progress in the way you play and move around the netball court. For a girl who has hardly played you did very well this year. You also had a lovely team of girls to learn alongside and a coach who was very encouraging. Keep practicing in the off season too.
    Well done Toreka